How Star Wars Battlefront 2 Totally Redeemed Itself

How Star Wars Battlefront 2 Totally Redeemed Itself

How Star Wars Battlefront 2 Totally Redeemed Itself (Battlefront II EA) Join my official Battlefront 2 Discord here: https://discord.gg/battlefrontknight Follow me on …


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39 thoughts on “How Star Wars Battlefront 2 Totally Redeemed Itself

edwin cruz says:

If only they could remake the old and good battlefront 2 make it look great and have the same story with my fav mode of galactic conquest wich could be played offline, now that I will buy in a heart beat

Bradley Dangerfield says:

Today its a dead game

Emperor's Headsman says:

Oh yeah. IMMERSIVE. So immersive to run from spawn to the action, sling 2, maybe 3 shots, then get blown to hell just to do it all again. As far as I’m concerned, this game hasn’t redeemed itself in any way. It’s sinking further in fact, because EA keeps putting out half-assed content to placate the morons that play it, exhibit A being the half-assed appearance customization. They’ve not added, nor do they plan to add new weapons. This game was hot fucking garbage from the beginning, and it’s not getting any better. You strike me as one of those people who will defend this shitheap to their dying breath. This game is simply the puppet master EA parading around the corpse of a franchise killed by SJW agendas and greedy scumbags. The player base is nosediving as it should.

D XcQ says:

Game has no content, no normal experience progress. This video is sold out.

T G says:

I actually first thought of the original Battlefront 2.

BritishXXXAnarchy7 says:

X Doubt

Airik Luna says:

Translation, buy the game so we have a larger community and the lobby won't take 20 minutes.

Bless Lifestyle says:

Star wars is part of my life. Since a kid i knew tech would get so good that games in the future will be amazing. What a let dowb

Hel Blizzard says:

First destiny now they save battlefront…

Mandingo 69 says:

Damn we really purchased Vader for 60k credits lol

Airik Luna says:

Redeemed it's self? I maxed out months ago, they need way more space missions. I still wait 20 minutes or more in the lobby EVERYDAY. On the bright side, people like yourself get more YouTube hits because of this.
Yes there are improvements but I exclusively play Space battles (H v. V) and without new maps and ships it gets repetitive. Now I handy cap myself to keep it interesting. I guess I could start playing non space missions but I do not want to and I feel the game updates and content are so slow they will sadly never get around to creating content that I and the other space fans deserve.
Heck I would be happy with little Ani's Noobian fighter in all it's yellow horror.
To continue my rant, what ever happen to the B wing bombers? It's not a Mandela effec( wonk wonk ) I still see it in the move and I still own the toy. I does exist.
P.S. I am currently in a lobby and have been waiting 47 minutes for a match….

Star Whores Battle slump Boo.

ironeise says:

It hasn't redeemed itself. It made some good efforts but there has to be done much more.

Michael Hahn says:

I onlyl play cuz I love Star Wars

World of Woolley WOW says:

Great game such an improvement on the first battlefront game, takes me back to the original games

Gainz And Games says:

Every damn time i play this online i get sent to the deathstar map with the alarm…. so i turn it off and rage delete it…

United Strafes says:

Ya totally redeemed like the ping site issue keeping many of us from playing for 2 months…totally redeemed….

Walgreen Mario says:

I mean the hero gameplay is still absolute dog shit but okay

Jane Doe says:

Game sucks now

Ninersfan96 Jared Cabral says:

Who actually still plays this? I used to play a lot but the game just got so damn boring after a few months.

Clash 39 says:

Quality video

subseven says:

Too little too late. I hope this game does really poorly so the license can be taken away from EA.

Jagji56 says:

The game is dead tho. At least here in Australia. Now, if they gave us cross platform for it, then we might be ok. But it wont happen. Titanfall 2 had the same problem. Not enough players on PC, to get anywhere, so without cross platform, then PC is dead, and I would not be surprised if its dead on the PS4 and Xbone here as well…

Donovan Patrick says:

Maybe they shouldn’t ban players for doing well

PrinceZatan says:

Keep these positive videos up!

KodaBear says:

Redeemed itself?!??!??!? There still isn't a galactic conquest yet, the game looks great I'm sure it's fun as a shooter game but when I hear star wars battlefront 2 I immediately think of galactic conquest, But they still haven't added it.

randomthings101 mtg, xbox gaming and more says:

They have to add savage oppress and windu

flyingjibberish says:

I've never played this game however i am a star wars fan.

This game sounds total bollocks. A fool is easily parted with their money.

darthridick77 says:

Been playing Battlefront 2 since release, been watching your channel since day one. I honestly can't believe how far this game has come since launch, and I never thought we would reach this point.

SatelliteSurfer says:

The only redeeming quality about this game is the fact it brought attention to loot boxes and accelerated the fight against them

Jeremy O'Leary says:

I feel proud of not buying the game when it released, hearing all this good news after a year of it being out, I may decide to buy it because I love Star Wars. The reason I didn’t buy right off the bat was all the reasons you said. I was disappointed and mad at all they did at lunch and didn’t buy it. After hearing this I will buy it but I will never forgive them for what they did.

Ian 617 says:

I appreciate the Current Info you just gave me. Any fears or doubts I had on this game have been lifted.

Thank you.

RojoDiver says:

There's a glaring problem with a game like this from the drawing board and beyond – The Jedi/Sith characters. For me I cannot imagine having anywhere the joyous immersion that one would hope to have during gameplay. Seeing the force users jumping around, bumping into things, spamming attacks (button mashing essentially), not sensing anything behind them, not able to interact with the environment around them for their advantage etc. etc. It makes them look stupid and kills the realism (Then of course there's the impossible period overlap). I'd much rather have a game where the only playable hero characters are the likes of the bounty hunters, mercenaries and rebel and Imperial commanders. If you want dlc in the future, add surprises like Dash Rendar, Carth Onasi, Baze Malbus or A New Hope era Luke.

Funkytones 314 says:

Still doesnt convince me to buy it

Mr Thompson says:

Yeah I remember trading this game after completing the campaign and spent plenty of hours online and then I found out how long I had to wait for another Clone Wars dlc to drop…..

Red Tachi says:

I waited with JEDI patience. Hearing that the progression and heroes were unlocked was a start. Then on May the 4th 2018 SALE I grabbed it for $24+ . I've been having a livid blast with Star-fighter Assault and felt it to be completely different compared to a Battlefront game, but marveled at its Rogue squadron nostalgic feelings.

Brandan Miller says:

So what you’re saying is you didn’t pay attention to the story in the campaign. Because otherwise you wouldn’t think Iden’s betrayal of the empire made no sense

yourtub says:

7:33 oops

Mr. Blunt says:

I wanna see someone who sucks play in this video just to annoy the people in here who demand only pro players play in the videos.

airanator1212 says:

The only thing I’m willing to spend further dollars on in this game would be new characters or skins. Actual gameplay related content is something that should’ve already been here, so I’m not dropping any money in that area whatsoever .

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