How to fix PlayStation Network

How to fix PlayStation Network

If your having problems connecting to psn follow these settings and it should work on ps4. Subscribe for more! Like and Favorite!


Senpai Turtle


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39 thoughts on “How to fix PlayStation Network

Tayton Keller says:

It still doesn’t work

Jakub Rybakowski says:

Didn’t work

Ebou Ceesay says:

this was a lie

Victor Augusto says:

worked, thx

RayWolfer says:

didnt do shit clickbaiter

Samuel Perez says:

it says that a person all ready did it

Samuel Perez says:

I just need one more I about to cry 😭

Antonioice8 Williams says:

I don’t have lan cable

monceflgang 006 says:

Fuck of

Tomika Chandler says:

Thank u so much I’m subcribing

Juan the TFA says:

You need a lan cable

Pretty Boy John says:

slow down

Melene Alec says:

Dont work

1k jaedon says:

Bye clickbait boii

1k jaedon says:

Thank it didn't work but thank for trying

ItsBrianna Amanii says:

What if you don’t of lan cable

Fortnite_ god says:


Drew Ginsberg says:

Thank u so much I will never forget ur help

searching is you work says:


no one is a better gamer than me says:

None of these fuckin work plz help

Chino Chino says:

My work for a day then go back to the same problem today date July 21st 2018 if any have a solution please let me know thanks

Yvng Dagger says:

You going to fast

Christopher Griffin says:

It works thanks

Epke Gaming says:

I bought €10 vbucks them error it sayd i payed but not got my vbucks then i cant log back in and its a skin i realy like🤬🤬

Krovvz says:

I don’t have a LAN cable

Sammy's a YouTuber! says:

Hope it works

Nasser gamer nabhan says:


Connor Coulter says:

Why does that work what does mtu have to do with the PlayStation Network idk how that worked for me

Guadalupe Pantoja says:

scam it didnt work

DabIsCringy RB says:

Why tf woudlnt this work.

Cuzhirt Song says:

It works! It works! It works! It works! It works! The dislike button works!

Cringe_ Fortnite says:

Fucking cunt liar suck my dick

Fortnite Ninja says:

Do not use do not use do not use . It messes you internet up even for your other devices

Мкртич Покатян says:

i dosent work man so i dont know

MoonLichtGirl816 says:

It did not work 😑

adrian Rios says:

Bul shit

PRO _GAMER says:

Failed doesn't work

Knight of Ren 66 says:

You are Awesome!!!!!

Kamryn Williams says:

This is trash it really did not work

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