I’m 5’11, aka, King Size. [F/18]

I’m 5’11, aka, King Size. [F/18]

I’m 5’11, aka, King Size. [F/18]

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47 thoughts on “I’m 5’11, aka, King Size. [F/18]

likestwolick says:

Long live the king!

mister_master89 says:

That’s a fantastic pic!

comeseeit99 says:

Holy fuck!!!!! I’d like to try and take you on lol

WhipFacilitator says:

Queen of holy funking fantastic, maybe…

One_Handed_Fapmaster says:

/r/tallgonewild would love to have you there.

You look amazing. 😍

Ethan797 says:

aka, insanely sexy

Andys50handy says:

Love to be under you

daringdew99 says:

Do you take requests?

Ohlookahat says:

Your size makes me feel like a king ;D

IneedanAdulterer says:

Gorgeous 😍

Bonerpatrol85 says:

Absolute perfection 😍

PM_YourBootyPlease says:

Damn you look perfect! 😍😘

dogdayyou says:

Gorgeous πŸ˜πŸ‘…

surlygrrl710 says:

Beautiful! Absolutely stunning 😘😍

bondur2 says:

Great body

bi_peaches says:

hell yeah tall girls! gorgeous pic 😍

SmartnFlirty says:

You deserve to feel like a Queen you gorgeous woman!

JeremyBearimyBentham says:

Fit for a king and looking like an absolute queen

mathilxtreme says:

Yasss queen

fnajku says:

I’m sure you could stand above the crowd by just your beauty, alone, but your height give us even more to admire!

parsennik says:

I’m 5’7”. But I’ll bet I’m taller than you when we’re laying down!!!πŸ‘…πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜˜
Wanna find out for sure????

danielrajnoha00 says:

Wish you were 9/11

baswow says:

Still smaller than my 6’3 :p

PromiscuousMNcpl says:

You are perfect.

pm_me_ladypiercings says:

You’re like a jungle gym – I want to climb all over you.

givemeabreakalready7 says:

Great pic, your body is perfect for some king sized loving

Metalgearbuilder says:

King size is always more satisfying than fun size. And you look fantastic in this pic

hornygit says:

Fantastic tits

CAMover181 says:

6′ here. Naked wrestling match on the bed

oftmanss says:

I’m 5’11 but would love to 69 with you, oft your prefect and sexy af xxx m19

Beardedshadow says:

That’s reserved for the 6+

Takingchances29 says:

The Amazonian queen! Wow. That Brick house song was written for you!!

Mzrcefo17 says:

you have the prettiest body nature has ever created. please, imortalize this work of art as much as you can

Highstick19 says:

5’11” of absolute perfection. You are worthy of worshipping.


You’re tiny to me at 6’9″

dickfaceMcGee2020 says:

I’d dissapoint the shit outta you.

Rainsmakker says:

sexyyy af size

SpottenDK says:

King size? Where?

tropicalpirate says:

AKA, Another Fun Size!

Sir-Chewie says:

Being 6’9 this I a hug turn on. You are just beautiful. Those legs and boobs 😍

sledheadz63 says:

I’m 6’4” can we do something about this…..

glutenfreezero says:

I’m taller than you 😏

Beemer20 says:

I’m bout it bout it

Irishoddity says:

Being 6’6” this turns me on a lot!

Therealyeeyee9312 says:

Do you need a face to ride? Because you could slide all over mine

Imisstouching says:

Me too, maybe thats a reason to rub our stuff together

TRILLYwonkv says:

yum. i’ve got three inches on you& if you’re lucky 3 inside you too πŸ˜‚

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