INKING COMICS – Central Yuniverse

INKING COMICS – Central Yuniverse

Making-of the inking of page n°44 – Central Yuniverse, Chapter 1.
Texts and drawings : Christophe Cointault
Technic : G-pen
Real time: 2h00
Music : Birdy Nam Nam – Defiant Order
Pages are readable here : http://www.amilova.com/fr/BD-manga/741/central-yuniverse.html
Precision 1 : I haven’t filmed the rubber step, because it’s not interesting on the cam.
Precision 2 : Texts and frames are made on computer after scanning of the page.
IMPORTANT precision : the music used is avalaible in free download on Birdy Nam Nam’s website, I am innocent ! ^^ (and sorry for my english…)

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