Introducing PlayStation

Introducing PlayStation

PlayStation Classic available 12.3.18. Learn more at “PlayStation” and the “PS” Family logo are …




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46 thoughts on “Introducing PlayStation

Robert Verdugo says:

For the true retro experience, make sure to play your ps1 classic with the system turned upside down!

Geralt of Rivia says:

I'm still waiting for Crash Bash, Crash Team Racing, Medievil and Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi remastered…

Nubajev says:

PS2 would've been better.

Nova2099 says:

imagine a Playstation console with ps1,2,3 compatibility

kujo3423 says:

Didnt realize till a friend pointed this out. There is no USB AC adapter. Many not be an issue for all but something to think about if you're giving thos as a gift.

Carlos Henrique says:

Esse vídeo me fez arrepiar todo

La Mente de Youtube! says:

Crash Team Racing!!!!!!

Sam Partogi says:

Joystick with no dual shock, so no Bishi Bashi i guess??

Zykster0 says:

Sony: how do we make money

Nintendo: (revealed nes classic)

Sony: ohhhh…

OverLord Games says:

Best Part 0:010:03 Always Goosebumps and instant Nostaligia

JEsteban Cabrera says:

que copia tan barata a nintendo

La Mente de Youtube! says:

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss finally.

Человек Света says:

NES Classic vs PS Classic.

MysterNessFAUX says:

He protecc
He attacc
But the most important thing
He bring the classic bacc

Cory Peni says:

They better add street sk8ter

Eduardo Sudati says:

Winning Eleven 4

K r a b b y says:


It's Raven says:

Crash bash and twisted metal then I'll get it

michael diaz says:

Which i also bought on psn

michael diaz says:

Also we want mgs1

michael diaz says:

How about psn support to download our actual bought psone games from the store. I still have reciept for ff7! Its the new skyrim i tell ya

JD Campbell says:

Sony always impresses me with their originality! ;D

Gg Gg says:

Suikoden 2 will be preloaded ?

Frostyne says:

Copy + paste

Anthony Cardenas says:

Who remembers spyro crash and tekken 2

ツTomsonas says:

What's next? Xbox Classic with Classic Minecraft and bunch of classic bloatware pre-installed?

SoftComet says:

I have +100 (Cib) original ps1 games and same console still working what i got in 1996. So i dont care this one 🙂 nice piece of retro for todays kids (y)

New Horizon says:

Two notice of mine:
-Nintendo copy
– conditioning with that chop sound at the beginning is disgusting

V1dW4tcher says:

Still have my original PSX system. 🙂

Thomas Fletcher says:

Bubsy 3D in High Definition.
My kind of console.

King Kehmi says:

Bring back psp

BTTFRocks says:


Brunilson-kun42 says:

You have become what you swore to destroy-Kenobi, Obiwan

Coolster says:

Can't you play ps1 games on ps4? Ps2 and the psp could do that…..

Bryan Urrego says:

And pepsiman?

Michele Tomassetti says:

Who's going to get this??

NPJ777 says:

Guess I'm modding it with emulators. Lol! I hope they will have analog sticks version of the controllers too.

TheWolvesCurse says:

i hope there will also be analogue (later called dualshock) controllers avaliable. I still own an original system. i'm quite hyped for this one. we need Metal Gear solid and both Gran Turismo Games for this system!

kenan1099 says:

Or, you could just get a pstv for the same price and infinitely more games…

Vertigo101 says:

Any options to get more games???

TheRobohobojoe says:

Can we get dualshock 1 controllers and the ability to connect online to psn and buy/download more games and maybe multiplayer? Would be great to play command and conquer red alert retaliation online with it

Lexaz Napoles says:

You guys said that you're not gonna be like Nintendo…. And yet, you always doing what Nintendo is doing

Way to go Clony

Vince M says:

This is a waste…I like PlayStation but they should just make the games backwards compatible like xbox is doing. I'm cheap I don't want to buy a new system just to play the old games.

Jokni says:

c o p y i n g

Vege to says:

Okay, let's go Fortnite on this !

flying apple says:

Nice job copying Nintendo sony

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