Is PlayStation VR Worth It?

Is PlayStation VR Worth It?

Top 5 PlayStation VR Games: The PSVR is here for the Sony PlayStation 4 but is it worth it? PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift vs …


Austin Evans


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24 thoughts on “Is PlayStation VR Worth It?

Daniel Di Mauro says:

PS VR would be legendary if I had a Logitech car simulator set 🙁

GamerTechXL says:

could you use a better vr headset with ps vr?

Platquat ! says:

like if a psvr comes with a ps4

Trais Gaming says:

Completely worth getting VR, check my channel out, constant stream of videos pumping out. Love VR

akib jaycare says:

future is dark 😂😂😂

Dotie The Bear says:

Y is for M!!!!!

mighty potato says:

Buy this thing it is awesome

William Knowles says:

Firewall Zerohour, Farpoint, Resident Evil 7, Skyrim

If you haven't played PSVR I promise that you will be blown away by these games. It is beyond playing. You are living the game.

Zero001 LP says:

The only problem i have is the camera.

David Toth says:

Just a heads up, Ps4 pro does enchant the graphics more and makes vr more sharper, speaking from personal experience

David Baird says:

Thank u for showing how it works

Beerrunner81 says:

An air combat game like the one coming out next year sold me on it. If all I can do is fly airplanes I'm fine with it.

Beerrunner81 says:

As far as I see it. Gaming stations are the way to go. The big PC's are on the way out. I moved to a PS4 because I got tired of upgrading all the time. PS4 fixed this problem for me.

1000 subs with 1 video says:

Yes, it’s worth it

Olivier Mairesse says:

Never played OR or VIVE, so I cannot compare and that's maybe for the best. Just bought my PSVR a couple of months ago, and never played on TV anymore since then. I play around 2 hours of PSVR each day. My personal experience is that it took several days to adjust to the lower resolution. Kinda going from an iPad retina to a first gen iPad. Motion "sickness" which I actually enjoyed in the beginning went away after 10-20 min into each playing session. Now, it never shows up again. I am totally adjusted to the VR environment, even when playing the 2050 league of WipEout. I think playing in VR is one of the few defining moments in gaming I had in the last 30+ years, including my getting my first home console (NES) and playing SF2 for the first time as a kid.

Mervin Morales says:

2 vibrators lol

Intelligentlittlebat says:

It's okay. Just okay…..

Aiden Gammon says:

Is PlayStation Vr worth it no

Ionic Spark says:

I'm just now finally getting this can't wait

C Houghton says:

It’s pretty worth it. It’s just that when your out of the camera it kinda annoys you. It’s pretty worth it what am I talking about

Depressed Potato says:

Wait do u need a ps4?

pz 3 says:

Do you need the ps4

danielraul1989 says:

First rule of PlayStation never buy the first version

Colonel Waffles ClenBob says:

I wish I could afford this

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