Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of

Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of

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50 thoughts on “Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of

Blue VoltAhoge says:

Basically NIS's version of Etrian Odyssey

Junsui Akuma says:

pass. Never a fan of dungeon crawler games. It bores me

Jay B says:

so is this game kinda like the etrian odyssey games?

Nafis Zaman says:

Disgea dungeon Style!!

GURGLEGUY12345 says:

I might give this a shot…

Никита Репешко says:

«Baba Yaga»?..

ExJosuKero says:

1:17 Librom is that u?

Desolo Zantas says:

Lol Classic NIS America game plot

Alex Rednax says:

Is this an Isekai type game?!
I’m so down to become a monster book!

DanHunter 37 says:

Ps2 too? :'v

L&J Chillin' With The Greys says:

I'm gonna buy this but on switch because i can

世界を制した男 says:


Rahman Hakim says:

…… Only in japan, baba yaga is so thicc..

YouJustAmazeMe says:

Well i regret getting demon gaze now

Lunar FangGaming says:

I was expecting to be Japanese audio but it's English audio

John Moon says:

Bless. This looks cool

Adgs Hghv says:

Luca is so cute 🙂

razgriz magi says:

Man… The dubbing can improve.



The two kittens Entertainment inc says:

Did anyone else cringe while watching this or was it just me

向田圭佑 says:


Ky Huynh says:

The English dub is meh

kai sinclair says:

spoiler alert
the kid is baba yaga…

Spoopa Con Hojitas says:

This reminds me alot to TWTHK.


Why age restricted ;_; !?

Baconislife124 says:

*Sees game*
*plays video*
*sees its age-restricted*
*sees it has a loli in it*

Santos Rojas Vidal says:

I love lolis

Baconislife124 says:

Not my proudest fap but…it did the job…

Vlad Chuhlib says:

Шо за говнище?

Enza Denino says:

Big tids

ZiRRA. says:


Arif Lewar says:

Poor Luca.

Rafael - says:

Fazia tempo que não via um jogo bem feito nesse estilo de batalha 😮


Emmm…. So much fan service and cute voices….

Am down with it.

Dante Vic says:

Its so easy to tell its an NIS game

Felipe Rodrigues says:


aloshe_alzeen says:


Count Artorias says:

Etrian Odyssey?

OG509 says:

1:49 yo she can get it?

Nachi Junior says:

they're so cute ;-;

XDuskSoul says:

This games designers just as similar to The witch and the hundred knight and the 2nd. (Underated but love the game) Love there style arts.

Daniel Gomez says:


Majin Weabuu says:

>NIS America

Demiurgus, The Arrogant God says:

So, we gonna get this on the PS Vista too, where it was originally going to be released, or is this just on PS4?

Geoff Baumgartner says:

I just can't play these kinds of games on the PS4, only the Vita for some reason. Nis and a few others were like the last few holdouts last year keeping things coming for Vita. Looks like Persona Endless Night might be my last buy, and that's only retail on PS4. The only two others, Death Mark and Punch Line, ( and this one ) are on the Switch.
Edit – Sorry, I guess Punch Line is PS only.

Nathaniel Lawrence says:

Im definitely picking this up ?

Аноним Анонимов says:


Gerlando P. says:

So… This is basically a better Etrian Odyssey? Nice! But please no censoring again, Sony. Leave the childaplay to Nintendo.

Lightdtrex says:

Real Baba Yaga, john whick you got a challenge

DrakeVagabond says:

Next time on Magical Girl Etna…

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