LEAK REVIEW: Battlefront 2

LEAK REVIEW: Battlefront 2

Let’s take a look at some recent leaks and if I think they are legit or not, the most recent one detailing support for Star Wars Battlefront 2 in 2019-2020. Here’s the …




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42 thoughts on “LEAK REVIEW: Battlefront 2

Some Faggot says:

I know it’s confirmed fake by some_info and those piss poor photos, but I want to say that guy also said B3 Ultra Battle Droids were on the internet roadmap… like…. LOL

jordan robinson says:

I want it to get revived, like how siege did but I wouldn’t mind them working on a new battlefront considering most of dice is working on BF5 and they just have a handful of people supporting the game

Sam Taylor says:

Sounds like Sidious is behind this crap. Reddit has a pretty bad reputation for spreading crap like a farmer. Please cease the rumors; only give us what comes from Ol' Ben Walke, the crazy hermit.

An-T o-Ny says:

Mace Windu bring him please. This game needs more characters.

Nanako Dojima says:


Elijah Brambila says:

Radar Technician Kylo! I’m dead 😂

Jared Peardon says:

10:58 Padmeh lol

The Pig Network says:

Fake, Do you think Ea would do this much work?

ryan stevenson says:

Yes, we all enjoy!!! Please continue!

Spencer West says:

We’re talking about getting legit content but in 2 more years…This is a 2017 game wtf

Isaiah Cagurangan says:

I had a dream last night that EA fixed the clone trooper skins, I didn’t know it was a dream until I woke up

Caleb 32's Tv says:


John ferrari says:

Continue this LEAK reviews, cause they bring hope to star wars battlefront 2

mr mr says:

lol bobas jetpack still breaks in galactic assault  ………..

Harmless Critter says:

The match ups for future clone wars heroes should be: Ahsoka vs Ventress, Cadbane/Jango vs Rex. That way you can have dual wielding gunners and dual wielding sabers against each other.

Roast Master23 says:

I think the Jango and Ashoka on mandalore is legit

Mr.DeadZone says:

If you take away LEAK REVIEW: from the title this could be a quinn knight video😂😂😂

NigelThornberryVEVO says:

the only scenario i believe this would make sense in is if the leaker just took photos of whiteboards full of EA Dices plans for upcoming months. thatwould explain the format, andwhy some of the stuff has no dates. it was probably only being theorized before it made it out.

Jake Owers says:

the timeline up to 2020 has some stuff that seems very unlikely.
why would they release Ahsoka with jango fett it makes no sense surely it would be ventress released with Ahsoka.
if they haven't given us weapons a year later why would they give us any in 2019

Pancak3s12 says:

If this is true then I will play this game everyday if not then I will play my other games such as Black Ops 4, Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2, Battlefront 2 (2005), Knights Of The Old Republic1 and 2, etc

huscarl0 says:

Something could possibly true, still i'm not that confident.
And beside that, dice can have something constructive to say on the topic.

berserker7331 says:

Wherenis rogue one?

Talha. says:

If it is true then there's no point because people wouldn't still be playing

gumbwer says:

Yea i unsub you are wasting your time with battlefront

David Raygoza says:

I need more friends that plays this game so can all of you leave your gamer tags I only play on ps4

Joshua Arters says:

Thank you I appreciate your honesty and silliness to keep the integrity of the game.

Obey Squirrel says:

"Padmeeh" LOVE IT! Kidding! Love the video! 👍

TK -137526 says:

Most of these things are legit even if the guy is making it up I mean it’s common sense

Dr. Phil 2.0 says:


The og super saiyan god says:

Well some of things are possible like corosaunt and asoka but then there are some things that arnt like how there are so many different maps when we've this year we have gotten 3 and 1 mor confirmed it just doesnt make sense

shit post says:

maybe those clone wars planets will have an appearance in cw season 7?

Jess Porter says:

Who the hell spends the time making up fake leaks…

shit post says:

youtubes favorite show

The Sith Dude says:

Seems too fishy to be true to be completely honest. I’m hoping it’s true but I doubt it

Sgt_Dashie says:

I highly doubt we'll get anything after Anakin and Dooku sadly EA has made it clear they've already moved on since they couldn't milk money out of us with mtx.

StrawberryPoisonDart says:

why couldn't that have been the real road map? 🙁

Semblance says:

Press X to Doubt

J Smo says:

Thank you for this video. Some other channels, who will remain nameless, are clearly giving far more credence to this “leak”.

Darth JarJar says:

Why would we get more solo content? I don’t think it’s legit

Jerry Slays says:

We must have at least a little faith in these leaks.
This game is like the rebellion. It’s built on hope

Grayson Horn says:

I think it's probably half true. Something tells me half of these things are ideas that dice just randomly brainstormed and never actually took seriously, but there are a lot of things that make sense in this leak.

WarpedParadox says:

Still waiting for mustafar….

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