LEGO Star Wars The Force

LEGO Star Wars The Force

Avengers infinity Movie ▻


GameCin - Cutscenes Movie


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26 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars The Force

GameCin - Cutscenes Movie says:

Lego Marvel SuperHeroes 2 Movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vka4_W7eOvE

brandon viles says:

Unfortunately, this is the only Lego Star Wars game I didn’t really play. I played two missions, and didn’t like it at all. I wish Lego would go back to the normal gameplay style like in TCS and Lego Star Wars 2.

Arif Alet says:

Vot den er doli

Julian Phillips says:

He shot him in the nuts

Great Moose says:

Game name

agentgingerman says:

Is it just me or does it feel like they took the voice acting from the movie and only used the voice actors for a few new lines

Some Normal Rat says:

Go commit I don’t feel so good

0 Random Trash Can 0 says:

Ben carrying Rey
Finn starts screeching “NO”
Me: heck yea we need plot and stuff ya lil Finn Fry
Character development…

E t c .
E t c .

intense gasp
(Oh snickerdoodle I think I have a fever)

iron knight says:

I know this came out a couple years ago but were is rouge one or the last jedi i know it came out 2 or 1 year ago but Were is it. Not rushing just saying

Tabitha Smith says:


Margarita Márquez says:

Muy buena

Kenya Young says:

The Ewoks though ??

Milan Kraguljac says:


Nsproductions says:

I really need voices for my next stop motion

Natz Gaming says:

What game

Funky Finlay says:

Dam wither

Sawyer Brookman says:

The bottom piece of Vader s mask was missing even though Like took it off going up

Yachter02 says:

This is the shit I watch at 3am hell yeah

Walter 03071 says:

I hate Resistance. I love First Order.

Michael Clementi says:

Je vais l'avoir dans 1 jour

Benno Hasselbach says:


The Senate says:

I don't know I like this but I prefer the old graphics for lego games

lhp charm says:


nabarun das says:

I subscribed and say to do one for the last Jedi movie lego

Gyöngyi Pintérné Kocsis says:


FireMan says:

This is Episode 6 not Episode 7 The Force awakens

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