Making Cosplay Patterns With Newspaper

Making Cosplay Patterns With Newspaper

How to make a pattern using newspaper, a cost effective material.




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5 thoughts on “Making Cosplay Patterns With Newspaper

ForeverDreamWithinADream says:

I never really tried using news paper and masking tape before for pattern making (I am new to pattern making); but tried it to practice a pattern for a basic topic and I think the pattern turned out pretty good. Just need to add a seam allowance and then test out the pattern.

Lashante727 says:

This was extremely helpful, thanks for sharing!! <3

Purpel Fais says:

just wht i was searching 

CrystallisCrafts says:

thats an interesting idea to do the entire outfit. I've only ever used that sort of technique for bodices before 😯

BashenManTV says:

Good idea! Thanks for the tip!

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