Marvel Avengers – Reveal Trailer E3 2019 [HD 1080P]

Marvel Avengers – Reveal Trailer E3 2019 [HD 1080P]

Reveal Trailer of Marvel Avengers. The latest from E3 2019 here!
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32 thoughts on “Marvel Avengers – Reveal Trailer E3 2019 [HD 1080P]

Ciaran Murphy says:

We're no longer in the end game anymore

Ryan Tarsa says:

I'm hoping this is connected to spiderman, but I'm not sure how that'd work considering Spidey is playstation exclusive

JuiceBox69 wow says:

Is this a movie or a game?

Steven Gooding says:

Hulk looks awesome! Can’t wait to see some gameplay!

Elliot Hemingway says:

The amount of soy, unbelievable

Justin Hardy says:

The game looks lowkey trash

Charvester 1970 says:

Avengers killing more People, as the Terrorists… lol. stupid comics…

Echo7Project says:

Soooooooo 4 player co-op?

Cebas M says:

How does on make a trailer for a game that looks equally awesome & garbage?

Sergal Bagel says:

when they said online and free content…I smell micro transactions…

Astronaut says:


JayJapanB says:

Well, hopefully this funds the next Deus Ex game.

cesar castro says:

Hopefully there’s a collectors edition

Darth Wookie says:

Definitely looks good and amazing I am definitely going to get the avengers game I can’t wait to see the full gameplay

Angel Binet says:

All people who think Captain America isn't dead because of denial say I

Raiden Drake says:

Captain América dead
The people in the conference: wohoooooo

Alexander says:

More like B-Vengers.
Featuring Bhor, Kulk, Steeleman, Admiral USA and the Black Mamba.

Sean says:

“Why is Cap’s suit do weird?”
“He’s wearing actual Kevlar because he’s not bulletproof.”

Husky Lemur says:

Why is Nolan North voicing Tony Stark/Iron Man? Because I’m pretty sure that the eponymous iron man himself doesn’t talk like a brutish goon and mercenary. And besides, Nolan North is more self built on voicing brutes, mercs, and stubbornly brave fighter who diehard fighting recklessly in that tone of emotional selfishness, and Tony Stark ain’t like that. That voice actor and his voice style are as unfitting for Tony Stark/Iron Man as how unfitting that Australian accent was for Logan/Wolverine from that 90s X-men cartoon as many longtime X-men fans old and new know that Wolverine is a Canadian Mutant.

Otaking Mikohani says:

Mute the audience, just give us the actual trailer! Seriously, I can't even hear the characters!

Jeremy Dabal says:

Rest in peace stan lee

Jeremy Dabal says:

I still miss stan Lee guys

Jeremy Dabal says:

I don't think Stan Lee will be making a cameo in this game guys

Nicotine says:

I hope this will be an open world Avengers game

xTHEARBITER117 says:

Idk why, but I’m getting transformers: wfc/foc vibes

Angry Fish says:

Lol scared to show gameplay because it might be shit

PhantomKnight850 says:

I was expecting Hulk to fall on his face just like ragnarok

your mom says:

Looks trash

Adrian Delgado says:

How about some gameplay first

Flippy says:

But didn't Iron man…you know…..die…..


I'm buying this game bro
Also I was expecting the endgame theme

Ahfaan Ali says:

Some of the character models are so bad, Thor does not look right

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