Marvel Avengers Trailer – Avengers Endgame and Spider-Man Easter Eggs Breakdown

Marvel Avengers Trailer – Avengers Endgame and Spider-Man Easter Eggs Breakdown

Marvel Avengers Trailer, Avengers Endgame, Spider-Man Easter Eggs Explained. Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Marvel Villains and new Spider-Man Far From Home ►
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Covering Marvel Avengers Trailer Footage Gameplay E3 2019. Avengers Endgame Marvel Movies Easter Eggs, Spider-Man and Spider-Man PS4 Easter Eggs, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow and other Marvel Movies Characters. Ultron, Thanos and lots more familiar faces!

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34 thoughts on “Marvel Avengers Trailer – Avengers Endgame and Spider-Man Easter Eggs Breakdown

Emergency Awesome says:

Here's my new Marvel Avengers Trailer video and Easter Eggs. There's even a Spider-Man PS4 Easter Egg, let me know how many you spotted!



Goran Stefanoski says:

I think Hawkeye is the one to reassemble them

Goran Stefanoski says:

Gamers: Can u show us some Gameplay
Square Enix: No I don’t think I will

Goran Stefanoski says:

Black Widow looking like Lord Farquaad

Jefferson Okoro says:

Hawkeye learned Drax’s invisible trick

Dank life memes says:

Hope we can travel to Asgard in this game that would be mad

Adam T says:

Lol, where is Clint.

Jeff H says:

They should make an Injustice version of Marvel with the Civil War plot line.

ADX MuJJ1 says:

They fucked up thor

william francis Collett says:

" why doesn't Nat look like Nat??? That red head looks old . . . .

Fadil Uddin says:

Crystal Dynamics: This game is going to have an all new story

Sees 5 year time jump

Me: Hmmm….

Connor England says:

This game looks sooooo sick

David Craven says:

Where is Hawkeye?????????

FraserLyleKerr says:

i think the MCU actors will do the gaming fans a favour and let their likeness be used for these games

l0lwutwtf says:

Thor looks like Hank from Detroit Become Human.


Wow, looks pretty cool, in my opinion anyway. I am freaking impressed by how video games have come along.

Ossyria says:

are there any other E3 reveals that you'll be able to cover?

Nilson Costa says:

This is "Agents of SHIELD" 2016 quality… …not Avengers in 2019!

Latviešu CODists says:

Why dose black widow look like a dood

batman 0610 says:

I wish they the had iron man nano suit but this game will probably be lit anyway but we’re Hawkeye

TheHero1414 says:

Hawkeye will be in the end I bet, and I bet he’ll kick ass

kacadrema says:

Poor Hawkeye :/

H Rz says:

Seems like a good game

Huzaifah Kathrada says:

Well in sm.ps4, tasky did say he went "toe to toe" with the avengers so I guess this happens before sm.ps4.

Antonio Morreale says:

Why would they ruin Caps death during the trailer, less mpactful when it happens in game.

Mike Unlimited says:

Excited for the game cause it has customization but the graphics could be better

Rudy Urias says:

Do you think they will change the suits or the way characters look like they did with the movies?
P.S do a top 10 questions for the game trailer.

Thomas Mauritsen says:

Poor Hawkeye man! Not a fan of their looks tbh but game looks cool

Ethan Skies says:

This is a comment about the Avengers and the trailer

filiberto nieblas says:

Is Thor gonna have his belly? Hopefully he does

X Gaming says:

Hulk: Awww These Tiny People Want To Hurt Me Can I Just Have A Nibble

Iron Man: Humans Are Friends Not Food

The Man On The Sun says:

I wonder what the first batch of DLC will be

OnY1 says:

I dont know how I feel about this trailer. I hope it will be good, avengers game is an amazing idea in itself.

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