Meg Has Diabetes Girl Internetted Funny Scenes -Family Guy-

Meg Has Diabetes Girl Internetted Funny Scenes -Family Guy-

Family guy season 17 episodes girl Internetted

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39 thoughts on “Meg Has Diabetes Girl Internetted Funny Scenes -Family Guy-

Family Guy says:

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LX arts says:

Litterally the very end of the video they show the clip

Oz Valentine says:

Wtf is this shit?

Niko Gagnon says:

This edit is trash enjoy being sued.

D. Sack 2 says:

That sanwitch at the end, I do that.

Nick Ferrazza says:

This is like the fever dream from hell. Well done. I'm going to go throw up now.


stop editing

vllKAITOlIv says:

Um…uh…I'm…I'm confused…

l j says:

What the fuck was this.

JeaIous says:

I was dying when they had Peter imitate jack from the shining

romeo h o t e l says:

If you miss all the punchlines and cut the scene half way what's the point of the fucking video you fucking brainlet

Lil Dank Memes says:

Fat cunt

Alex Mojarro says:


kamoi chapman says:

I wanna know what meg said

Austin miller says:


atomic gaming says:

I find this offensive 2:10

gaara sama says:

Everytime a new episode comes out i expect it to be shittier than the last

Steve Cole says:

Todays family guy sucks!!!!!

The Confederacy says:

Shut up meg

Scott Williams says:

For someone who has and lost family to diabetes this isn't funny in the least

Don Keydik says:

What the hell has family guy become??

Yes Tuesday says:

What in the fuck, Seth

ManderWayne says:

This is weird with or without context.

Local Man says:

This episode made me lost all faith in humanity

Cara Moise says:

What did I just watch I’m confused 🤷🏾‍♀️


She became

A youtuber.

Emilie Gonet says:

I was listening to this on my Earphones and that car crash gave me a heart attack

Cousin Skeeter says:

0:26 max volume

Josh Wright says:

Edited so badly it doesn't even make sense…

Chelleis crazy says:

So we not gonna talk about how peter did Cleveland 😂

sky night fury says:

Dose there family try to be cool but it just doesn't work?.

Calvin Crews says:

This is one version of meg Griffin I never wanted to see but diabetes is everywhere even in Cartoons this should be a warning don't keep eating unhealthy foods and go by the pyramid of the six groups

Family figuracion says:

I was laughing and cringing and very disturbed.

Matthew Lo says:


Paradox says:

1:54 what the hell was that about? Was that a movie reference or something? XD

Misael Portillo says:

No words for this video…

TheBlackGuy says:

0:26 this scared the shit out of me

ReKKTT says:

cleveland and peter scene just like an acid trip

RCD RCD says:

I don't understand nothing

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