Miku Hatsune – World is Mine – in Game

Miku Hatsune – World is Mine – in Game

Miku Hatsune is considered the most popular and well known anime/manga character from the Vocaloid2 Character Vocal Series by Crypton Future Media. Fans of Miku Hatsune can now enjoy an interesting game which enable you to create some of your favourite manga style characters from the mythical Vocaloid. There are some variety of big neon colored hairstyles and costumes to choose from.
Are you a fan of Miku Hatsune and love her stylist?
Let’s play this dress up game http://www.dressup24h.com/game/6458/Miku-Hatsune-Dressup.html to dress up for her follow your own style!
And visit http://www.dressup24h.com to play more fun games!

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