”Mouse for sale” – animated short film

”Mouse for sale” – animated short film

Snickers is a lonely mouse in a petshop, craving to be bought by someone. But he’s got one big problem: his huge ears. The kids entering the store keep laughing at him. Will Snickers find the buddy he so desires, someone who will take him for who he is?

”Mouse for sale” is the animated short that I made as a graduation film, during the last year of my animation studies in Genk, Belgium. Took me a year to make and I still love that little mouse…


Wouter Bongaerts – script, design, storyboard, animation and direction
Olivier Wery – music composer and drums
Garif Telzhanov – bass
Yoan Fernandez – guitar
Johan Ruyters – sax
Bert Lenaerts – sound mixing
Elias Vervecken – foley
Roland Javornick – script doctor

Complete list of film festival selections and prizes can be found on my blog, if interested: http://wallysketches.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/mouse-for-sale-online/

Working on a new short which is due beginning of 2013, stay tuned. 🙂

Copyright Wouter Bongaerts 2010

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