not gonna lie i was FEELIN MY SELF!!!! this was one of my fav cosplays though… younger me had so much confidence whereas i don’t think i’d do a more revealing cosplay at a con anymore D:

leave me vid suggestions in the comments below cuz IM COMING BACK TO YT BABY!!

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30 thoughts on “MY FIRST 🔥 SEXY 🔥 COSPLAY

loune fitzgerald says:


MaryMeow92 says:

what contacts are u wearing in this video? :3 they look so pretty

rachzo says:

Black leather?

Yo, I 'member this 6' 13" TALL glass of water strutting around Sakuracon the one year, dressed as Celty Sturluson.

I don't know no Durarara! but I know the cosplay was 7/5, really dope

Gold Photo says:

Looking at your channel this video really jumped out at me~ such nostalgia! That was my first con doing photography but your GoldSaw was so rad I had to get a pic! Thanks for the trip down memory lane~ I thought your sword pose was super cool! I know I've replicated it with cosplayers I've worked with since. goldphoto.s3.amazonaws.com/Sachie.jpg

Noirru says:

1:45 Oooof to many old perv getting arested

Blue The Knightmare says:

Idc about cosplay, BUT THE WEAPONS ARE WHERE ITS AT!!!!⚔️

Noirru says:

Lock the door,take those tissues and fap for life

Aviral Pathak says:

Waow, I mean years and years ago i used to watch her vlog cuz I could tell that she was passionate about it. But then time passed and I'd forgotten all about her and then one day I get a notification from FB about this person sachie that was hosting a fortnite event. I was like, I know this person!!

I come back to YouTube and voila!! Tis indeed her! When it's meant to be, it's just meant to be!! 😛

P.s-Sexy cosplay or not, I think she's really cute! Keep up the good work haha

jaymon99 says:

What the fuck were your parents thinking if I had a daughter and she tried to wear that shed never leave her room again

65555fdv says:

dem titties

AvangionQ says:

Damn, that sword is huge … looks kinda awkward too … were you able to swing that thing?

bram bram6 says:

So you like the edgy female villain

M Alc says:

The intro gave community channel vibes

R134eS2o says:

Willing to be 2D for love…. yes. I’m willing to lose a dimension for possible love. No regrets.

R134eS2o says:

I. Am. A. Weak. Man. No regrets. No…

• Jisoo Kim • says:

Vlocaloid HAHA….

freshmentos says:

But then again, feeling yourself IS one of the characteristics of Gold Saw. Slay
I also cosplayed as BRS. The series is my personal bias. I usually don't cosplay sexy characters either, but that anime has a special place in my heart.

JohnieBeGood12 says:

Nice 1st Cosplay Girl I Subscribe

High Profile says:

I'm on my s̶e̶c̶o̶n̶d third bowl of Easy Mac and I can't sleep how did I get here

farron says:

I'm so jealous of your body type!! This inspired me to train my own haha

Samurai Subzero says:

Can you react to some anime? I don't know if you have, new sub 😂

Samurai Subzero says:

Theory vs reality

Texas Rangers says:

I like the part when she said underboob and titties. 👩🏻

R134eS2o says:

Am I… Is it weird I was drawn instantly to the sword over the girl? What am I sexually attracted to swords? Hold on let me go watch some unsheathing videos on Youtube to find out…. Yeah no turns out Spears too. Guess I just like long hard pointy things that go in people.

Peoni Cha says:

You should cos d.va

Hadeel AlJohani says:

I just saw a movie(sky high) you look soo much alike to the actress there

Kashiyuuu says:

I wish I was tall

Batrick Pateman says:

damn u cute

Alma Torres says:

I hit the like button anyway. Lol.

TrolledYouSilly says:

I wish you would stream and upload more, those Runescape 2007 streams back in the day were awesome! Also do you have a discord server?

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