Ochako Uraraka Wig Tutorial! || My Hero Academia cosplay

Ochako Uraraka Wig Tutorial! || My Hero Academia cosplay

Edit (7.4.19) I’m aware this isn’t the best tutorial, I made this video over a year ago and my skills have gotten so much better. Don’t take this as an example for what I do.

Hey! So thank you so much for watching!
I wanted to make my first video an introduction video, but it just wasn’t working out for me.

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Ochako Uraraka’s wig:


k bai




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10 thoughts on “Ochako Uraraka Wig Tutorial! || My Hero Academia cosplay

Angela Balinong says:

She just combed it and cut the bangs

Mia C says:

tips for cutting/styling wigs!!
1. need to poof up the wig??? hairspray and dry shampoo!!! hold it upside down, spray until poofy to taste, then hairspray in place!!
2. hairspray is your best friend. use as much as possible to keep everything in place. use ryan ross in his ry-hawk faze and remington leith as inspiration.
3. cut things long. if you cut too short then theres no going back. if you do it long then you can go back and fix it.

Keauna Troutman says:

You kinda look like Akidearest!!!😱😆

Cinnamony Roll says:

My Wigs for a con and I've never cut a wig before should I cut it or practice more?

¡Mochi! says:

This is helpfull


did you cut the bangs swooping towards the right side of your face or the left? i’m trying to figure out what side ochako’s bangs are on sjskskks ;—;

vanessa banales says:

im shook over you wearing four wig caps but anyways loved the video

Lynn says:

I hate cutting up wigs, if u mess up there’s no turning back xD

L i m e r e n c e says:

I have a con soon and I don't even have a wig. I'm dead.

Dreamiibunni says:

Ahh this is super helpful

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