Order a Commission


Before we send you to the main checkout page, here are all the details you need... any further questions can be answered in our FAQ section in the FORUM.

The commission process is quite simple in itself, I deal with all the complicated stuff; so below I've created some graphics to hopefully make any enquiries you may have clear. You can still contact me though, I am approachable. Please note: some of you may have hired one or a few of my students in the past, I tend to do things a little differently. I need to state though, I can not comment on any outstanding commissions you may have with them, as I rarely communicate with them after they or I stop the tutoring process.

A commission base is as it says, standard girl, being smashed with a floating cock, hand, fingers or whatever. A standard image, fully inked, colored, with after effects and stuff. So, moving on... The reason full characters are extra is because the focus will be on an extra character. It sounds bizarre, but sometimes, you look at some hentai and the second character isnt quite the quality of the main one. Well not in this case, both/all, will be pretty shit-hot. Now, the categories...

So the more unique and focused categories are as above. Standard "Guy on Girls" have no add-ons, you'll just buy the base plus any extra characters. If your category isn't there, it's merely because these are the cats' I am more commonly requested to do. Guro is the more expensive because it's a real chore to do. Like vore and stuff like that, I do do it, but it's not fun. Pin-ups are free of Cat Add-ons, a pin-up with one character is essentially a base piece.

You're only be charged for one cat. For example, if you chose Teen Loli girls in a Yuri scene, you'll only be charged for one Cat.

What you get…

  • A full image done to your specifications
  • An HD version for printing at 600dpi
  • Free modifications and corrections
  • Standard Image for social sharing
  • Inked lineart version
  • Layered PSD for editing


You do own the rights to your image and you can use it how you please. However, I do reserve the right to add it to my galleries unless you really object, in such a case then arrangements can be made to make your image 100% exclusive to you. Be aware though, by sharing it just once online, you’re immortalizing it on the web forever. In any case, only you will own and keep all HD versions, PSD files, Inks ect.


Okay, so you've bought a commission... what's next?

Reference Material

Anything. Anything that helps us get a better grasp at what you're trying to imagine. The best way is to send us related images, so if you've ordered hentai, simply send us porn images you've found and like. Other hentai images, screencaps from manga and anime, movies, cartoons, litterally anything that helps us understand your idea enough to draw it for you. Don't be shy, send us anything you have, it all helps.

One example is to send us a porn pic of the sex position. Another pic of the uniform, costume or dress, then another of the character in question. Those 3 - 4 images will help to create your perfect image... which nine times out of ten, we manage to accomplish. Don't be limited to just a few, if you have a whole gallery of images related to what you want, zip it up email it to us, every image helps us build your commission.

Any questions, simply ask...

Time Taken…

The time a commission takes depends on the project and our workload. It isn’t an overnight process and you can’t demand updates every hour. This isn't a full time design studio, we to the best of my knowledge have full time jobs to contend with also, like yourselves. When we do your project, we're doing it in our own time and in our rest hours, so it could take a day, it could take weeks. However, that doesn't mean you're in the dark about the process, you can request updates or you can visit the commission waiting list

You can ask for an update to be sent to you as your project passes each completion stage. These stages are:

  1. Concept – It’s likely you’ll get this anyway. If alterations are needed, it’s best to do it at this stage.
  2. Inks – All the concept art is inked and cleaned up, ready for color.
  3. Colours – No two artists color the same way, some are quick, others are maticulous down to the fine details.
  4. Completion – Final touches and Cleaning, the quickest stage of the projects’ process.




Incase you have a question, here are some FAQs that may help. If not, contact me at wetvenom@hotmail.com