Peter's Play Date -Family Guy-

Peter's Play Date  -Family Guy-

Family guy season 17 episodes

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34 thoughts on “Peter's Play Date -Family Guy-

Sgtturtle22 says:

The apples and orange scene 😂😂😂

Mandi Grubbs says:

Louis and Peter did it in the portal-potty

Demon Cat Gaming 22 says:

AAAAAHHHHH, my morning scream.

Bradley Selk says:

You know I really dont care that shes cheating on Peter.

existential crisis says:

His morning scream hahaha

The Miles Morales Spider Man says:

Lois is so Pathetic

Thomas Bailey says:

1:59 so lois just let peter suffer in pain? What a bitch.

Uriel Septim says:

Black people fighting in the streets? Hmph. Sounds fun.

gogetta80 says:

Lesson is be like peter, stop giving a shit about females, then you’re in charge of the relationship. Chris can be a gentleman, but he’ll be alone forever

refugigator says:

The cancer are already on his bones



Demogame 54 says:

At 0:38 it says last man on earth series premiere but didn't that end a year ago?

desjarlais0110 says:

I love this channel and familyguy

carmen says:

sorry Heather

Sandy Cheeks says:

Family Guy rocks

Lucas Coleman says:

Lois Griffin Could Be A Smoker Like Cruella De Vil

Lucas Coleman says:

Lois Griffin
Lois Griffin
If She Doesn't Scare You No Evil Thing Will

Lucas Coleman says:

Lois Griffin is Like Cruella De Vil

Lucas Coleman says:

Lois Griffin and Donna Tubbs and Cruella De Vil

Mya Hollandia says:

Chris is such a freak but also a pathetic person lol

Jeremy Wadsley says:

Their relationship is better because they were not married 😂

Erin Ckahmahtah Junior says:

Omg what season and episode

Gd yahir says:


Juho Autio says:

Chris treats his doll better than Peter treats Louis, ironic.

Das Snek says:

1:17 the gay couple of modern family in a nutshell

XxXMhdmutasimGamerXxX says:

Awsome video

Alex:3 The black cat says:

Bery nice video XD

Daniel Koskiluoto says:

Sometimes I just want to kick Peter so Hard because he is so stupid!

SHREK Song OMG BLA says:


Rated X says:

Lois your breath smells like eggs talk that way-Peter

Ben Swann says:

Ayyy what’s up nice video

Jamesyboys 876 says:

Wanna see a magic trick

Read more

Shay Family says:


Shay Family says:

I love family

Angus Belton says:

Yay first to like and comment

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