PlayStation 4 Pro Unboxing,

PlayStation 4 Pro Unboxing,

The PlayStation 4 Pro is Sony’s most powerful console ever released. In fact, the new AMD Polaris GPU inside the PS4 Pro is more than twice as fast as the …




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41 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Pro Unboxing,

Rave is KING says:

I bought ps4 pro because i dont have a ps4 yet so pro is obviously best choice. And all the sony exclusives! Cant wait to play.

Milagros Endo says:

Xbutt vs play game

Prince Wasil AK47 says:

Do we have to connect the wires of the controller in ps 4? Or its control is wire less?

Hari Ramesh says:

Yeah ps4 is better

Hydrotrack 810151 says:

I have an Xbox one s for Xbox exclusives and 4K Blu-ray and backwards compatibility and a PS4 for epic PS4 exclusives

Prasanth Victor says:

I love this

Kal-El The Last says:

😒2018 and I still don't have a PlayStation 4 Pro they all sold out people keep buying them up the ones that I already have one 😤give other people who don't have one a chance to get one

Y Hideit says:

Cheap ass SONY didn't include a 4K BluRry player ….WTF !

gamer of the year says:

Xbox sucks playstation go go go
I 😍 playstation (HATE XBOX)😎😎✌✌

Sibani Ndlovu says:

Ps4 gamers and xbox one gamers always know that between the two consoles both of them have their strengths and weaknesses so its just a tie between xbox one and ps4☺🤘🤙🖐👌👍👊✊🤛🤜👏

christos papas says:

i thing am gonna wait for ps5.

Victor junior Shekwolo says:

Can I have one🙏🏽🙏🏽

Dylan Hammerstein says:

Phone dog? LoL 😆 Is that name any reference to Louie C.K.s Phone dog routine? Good video that's for sure. So can't wait for mine it arrive on the post.

Motivate is the name says:

Really? Who the hell uses 4K Blu-ray these days? If that’s a big reason you don’t like this then you shouldn’t have gotten it

Nakubiana Chiwala Mwakoi says:


Kristian Iwannou says:

“Extra hardware” ………

Today's India says:

Is it wireless?

Mohamed Abdeladir says:


David Balmaceda says:

I like PS4 more better than Xbox

Aadil says:

Should I get a PS4 PRO or a Xbox One X? Someone please help.

BTS Champ says:

This is sad

I have almost all the xboxs and just the ps4 pro looking more badass than all of them

Mohd Nadeem says:

I not love Xbox I love PlayStation

Te Auwe Tihi says:

What’s a 4K tv??

Mehdi Daballa says:

your TV is how many inch?

Kyudo Kun says:

Dat inexpensive PS4 headset is abominable!


Can u play ps4 pro on a LG tv

ZangThao 咏春 says:

Everything i have on my ps4 and tv are 4k it already looking awesome.

anish Kumar says:

I hate PS 4

Dominic Nhem says:

Mine overheats pretty quickly.

Akbar Sarosa says:

I prefer to PS4 slim model only and uncharted 4 a thief end as game for sure..thanks sir for this share

Khushwinder Bhatia says:

I hate Xbox one s

OneTwoMark says:

I love how YouTubers never state that the links they leave are affiliate links and not normal links, so if you bought a Pro with that link, the YouTuber would make money. Shady.

Robert Clark says:

Well. They got my 399. Well I used ny 10% discount. Still. Now I screwed up downloaded the Res7 gold edition on my daughters account in my 4. So I'm pretty much having to go and download all my stuff as well since I had no ethernet cord. Why? I dont know why I guess I use wifi on EVERYTHING…LOL. Anyway. I'm calling Sony. I hope they allow me to transfer the download of the game. I have also noticed the 108 gigs of backup data. Omg. Lots of that is just the gta5 from each account. Not sure. I'm still trying to find the detail as I have yet to actually view the content. Lol. I'm waiting …streaming American dad in upscale 4k looks ok I guess. Lmao

Cameron Steiger says:

Ok I'm getting a 4k TV will the pro be worth it? Or should I just stick with the slim?

Maqbul Mohd says:

These is so expensive I already have ps4 pro

Jerrold Blanco says:

i still need to wait 1 year to have one 😫😫😫😩😫😩

JoshuaYT 123 says:

I hate ps4 on google I search ps5 I saw one

Gurveen4313 says:

Xbox or PlayStation

taslim ackbar says:

hetejebdb febejy

taslim ackbar says:


Frankie Bote Jr. says:

Even if its Xbox or PS, these gaming consoles gives us entertainment everytime a new game is released. Just enjoy playing and don't compare these two because they are great consoles. #XBOXPlayer

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