Playstation Classic Announced!

Playstation Classic Announced!

Sony just announced the Playstation Classic! 20 classic games including Final Fantasy VII, Ridge Racer Type 4, Jumping Flash, Tekken 3, Wild Arms and more!




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21 thoughts on “Playstation Classic Announced!

Madlittlepixel says:

OMG I am excited!
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DontPaniku says:

I'm getting sick of this. Only classic or mini I would buy would be a Gameboy.

Kyle says:

I just cumed down my pants

Rotten Tanuki says:

no dualshock 1 means no metal gear solid no ape escape., oh no!

Daniel Bia says:

Hopefully more games could be added onto it. Not holding my breath though…

Fox Electronika says:

This is very, very on the radar! All I need is a Sega Saturn mini, and I'll be set!!

JCChaconJr says:

You can forget about packing this to add games. Perhaps you can swap them out but I doubt there’s going to be any overhead with the included memory. I would guess that it’s going to have 8GB of storage memory to store the 20 games that it comes with.

Danny Connell says:

It looks the the controller port is USB so I'm wondering if third party analog controllers work. It would be awesome if it had Bluetooth support for DS3 or DS4. Eitherway I have pre-ordered.

New And Old Gaming says:

I wonder if this is the same size or not that much smaller than the PSOne that came out in 2000.

Emperor Lars XVIII says:

Damn it why SNK couldnt have made a AES mini instead of the fisher price toy🤷🏽‍♂️

A TM says:

omg babby playstation! SQUEEEEE

gunsandsynths says:

20 games isn't enough idiots

Black Arrow City OF The Gamers Generation World-X says:

I Want final fantasy 8

Fred is aus the venision says:

Das this work with the original first ps1 games!!!🇮🇹

Robert Higgins says:

Definitely not AtGames.

Rayden says:

I am laughing at your video because i feel your excitement and i just feel the same way like a little kid waiting for the Christmas present. I bought this console when i was studying in the university and i just spent all the money i had left for that semester on the console. I was really out of money to buy anything the whole semester but i never regret my decision.

wesrt north says:

I already have one. It's called the PSTV and is 90% smaller then a ps1. And can play psp and PS Vita games and has access to PSN to add more games.

Matthew Hopkins says:

Hope the controllers don't use some proprietary socket, would rather use analog controllers.

CAPCOM784 says:

$20.00 more and 10 games less than the Super NES Classic??

Edgar Garcia-Rico says:

THANK YOU! I just woke up, opened up my phone and heard about this. Thank you for posting this video, and the preorder links! I was able to pre-order mine!

Tha Pume says:

"OMG, OMG, OMG" Just get a room already.

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