PlayStation Classic | Reveal

PlayStation Classic | Reveal

Introducing PlayStation Classic, a miniaturised version of the original PS console which comes with 20 preloaded games, including Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3 …


PlayStation Europe


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28 thoughts on “PlayStation Classic | Reveal

Tomas T, Inc. says:

kula world !

keith Kildale says:

Namco rage racer please or i'm sending the boys round

Fronteira Realm says:

Castlevania: Symphony of The Night, Please!

SkyUtubes says:

Copy of nintendo 😂 i knew it

Davide Masia says:

Gpd win 2** + rom.

chemicalsam says:

Literally just put the games on PS4. What a useless product

Jaquza says:

Finnaly i understand why no compatibile on new consoles they want on future sell same model + hdmi

360zm says:

Hey Sony, WHERE'S MY METAL GEAR????????

Adrian Dominguez says:

Whats the song called

Andres Amaya says:


SiMsTR eXe says:


simon lucas says:

If metal gear is not included im not buying

KyleYoung2012 says:

as a kid i started off a sony fan it was this system that got me into video games really;the first playstation game i played was either madden or hydro thunder;i have so many fond memories of playing every sony system to date

Nana Baah says:

Where is Crash Bash?


Original GT?

imabeapirate says:

maybe I'll print this case for my retropi…

Benjamin Sauer says:

DUALSHOCK and More Better Games Sony !!

Honethite says:

3D gaming on a d-pad. Need them dualshocks or we'll have to suffer that dpad for 3D games…

PrincessAttitude64 says:

Anyone noticed that it says 3/12/18 on it?

Mark Walker says:

– remembers that emulators exist – BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Why the hell would anyone waste money on these "classic" systems 😂😂 Have fun with your 20 games out of the 1500 or so that we've been enjoying in a variety of conveneint ways for over a decade… Hoo boy I needed a good laugh thanks!

GodStephon says:

I rather buy a ps1 from the thrift store for $10

Aldon says:

still in nintendo's shadow i see.

Matt says:

For those wondering: Zbras – Oh Wow!

Dom Dom says:

Only the stupid millenials who grew up playing CoD and Fortnite will dislike this! Day 1 for me !!

Luke Starkiller. says:

No Dualshock?

BlakeTheBirdMeister says:

I’m ready for an N64 classic

Vitor says:

If the console does not come with Metal gear and crash bandicoot…meh….

Jason meinhardt says:

All I want is Final Fantasy 7 and Castlevania:Symphony of the Night

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