PlayStation Plus (PS+)

PlayStation Plus (PS+)

PlayStation Plus (PS+) September 2018 Full Line up from Tuesday September 4th unless stated otherwise: • Destiny 2 (PS4) OUT NOW!! • God of War III: …




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43 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus (PS+)

PlayStationGrenade says:

What ya grabbing this month? Tempted by Destiny 2?

Hamza Mughal says:

I got destiny 2 but it is sooooooooo bad.

BlackBigBird says:

How can you redeem forsaken dlc?

Dobrila Magdebila says:

cool video

Gddaz says:

Hi guys GOW not available on PS4. Am I missing something

Davidplaya99 says:

Would be cool wehn they put darksouls and call of duty next mounth in

STUNTS says:

Can’t wait to have all these games locked at the end of my subscription so that I am forced to pay for another subscription just to play games that I’ve already payed for…

Δημήτρης Ν. says:

Guys i cant get destiny 2 and god of war can someone help?

amine med says:

Nice month

amine med says:

Not bad

Malachi Robinson says:

What dlcs come with it?

Ameer Spongebob says:

Plewse. I dont have the money for playstatin plus….I FREAKING WANT DESTINY 2 🙁

PolOnControls says:

Why do I have a different line up?

Gddaz says:

Hi Guys
God of War 3 is not available for me although I have a PS+ Membership
I only have a PS4 and I was wandering if this is a PS3 exclusive.
Can any one help me out here. Thanks

4WesternCivilizaton says:

Destiny 2, grab it up for free and then get shafted by level 20.. stuck at the cap “unless!…you purchase the DLC’s.

Still, you should check it out.. Warframe is light on content atm.

Crimson Ninja32 says:

Hi all new to PlayStation been xbox for a decade just a quick question if I get a free game on PS like xbox gold, when the PS game is no longer free in PS and I uninstal it to make room for another game can I reinstall the game? Or do I lose it because its not free in PS anymore? Thanks

A Pozsizmus says:

Destiny 2? God of war 3? Qube? Cmon microsoft..

Slade Wilson says:

Xbox games with gold in sepyember looks way better than these games lol.

XSkullGaming says:

When is god of war coming out?

zach langley says:

Will I lose the games from ps plus when my trial ends

Trong Vinh Nguyen says:

Question, I'm new to the console and this subscription, does this mean I keep the game? So even if the subscription runs out, I still have game?

Imy Motala says:


u n k n o w n says:

Screw Destiny 2, God Of War III for the win! Such a legendary game.

Ben H says:

Destiny 2 is free, but the Forsaken DLC is still 60 bucks LOL. So all you can do is grind without any story at all. No thanks I'll pass

SGT Foley says:

Funny how people paid full price for Destiny 2 when it’s not worth anything

Jerex Aesir says:

I hate destiny 2. But im doenloading it for free and buying forsaken next month, also ac odyssey too. Awesome month tbh.

DrMart Fortnite Moments says:

Do you know when the Ps Plus Fortnite 3 Pack Comes Out?

cc Cats says:

Does it come with forsaken for free?

Kasumi Ninja says:

Destiny 2 is garbage. I played it 8 hours now. The class differences are so low and the skill tree is with lvl 12 complete.. I miss the good old diablo 2 days were games weren't made for noobs

Stephen Boyd says:

Some driving games would be nice. It seems like all we get are FPS games.

Ham Dogs says:

I played sparkel 2 on my ps4 pro

Joey Marmolejo says:

Another world? I could of sworn it was called out of this world? I use to own it as a kid for the genesis lol

True Triz says:

Well rip to me my psn ran out a week ago

Abdur Raheem says:

Maby Black Opps 4 Will Be Placed In 2055

Justin Miller says:

Lol its not even free its technically still $60 bc of dlc + you at least have to pay $10 for ps+ so $70

WorldwideHandsome _ says:

After my gold is done I’m switching to ps plus

Haydn Leyshon says:

Sparkle 2 is on PS4

Galatic Spectator 430 says:

I am new. Is Destiny 2 for free for the first half of September, or for the entire month. Somebody reply back, thanks!

Matthew Wooten says:

Can we get 2k19 or something shit !!!

__ DatBoiDexter __ says:

I've played the first Destiny one but I never finished it

Boom sticktv says:

It's not free they me let play destiny 2 for free but then it locks me out and now its forcing me too buy forsaken

DJ Khool says:

can we have nxt month assasins creed?

Cole Lutz says:

I’m still hooked on Dead by Daylight from last month

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