PlayStation VR – Before You

PlayStation VR – Before You

PSVR is here. Is it more lofty VR over-hype? Or is this finally the VR platform to kick it into the mainstream? Jake shares his thoughts. ☆Follow Jake on Twitter: …




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36 thoughts on “PlayStation VR – Before You

akib jaycare says:

good or bad I am going to get it….but I am only able to buy one game for it. which vr game should I buy..

Noob Animation says:

You can calibrate the move so still buy it

SkullMinePro says:

Most comfortable VR headset?
Oh god, if this headset is "comfortable".
The Vive or the Rift is gonna feel like rocks.

Nathan McHone says:

3D video is amazing through it!

Thomas O'Brien says:

What the fuck is wrong with your haircut

Dave Lister says:

Just ordered mine, PS4 and the Wipeout pack. Have to be honest, I'm buying the whole thing just for Wipeout, I've waited since 1995 to play this game in VR!!

tj says:

I heard Psvr now can work on some steam games. Im really thinking about getting it now once my student loan comes in

Martynas Filickinas says:

I like it

Jan Ibrahim says:

Good review , ,,,,, objective point of view

Blackjack Lover says:



Wy i dont hawe mony for bying vr or ps4 😭

Dylan Mayton says:

Do you need a play station to play this

Jimbo Boulios says:

I loved The "Playroom VR", it was a blast. I also tried "RIGS" and "Farpoint" and I got motion sick within 10 minutes.. and I am not even sensitive to getting dizzy.

Hector Torres says:

That's my problem, it's blurry


It's not worth it I bought mine for 350.00 its exciting for the first three days it then after gets boring and you never play with it

gaming isfun says:

Do you need a playstation

Pickles in the making says:

nintendo switch or psvr ):

Xalaxxi says:

Batman for life

Xalaxxi says:

Love it

Kevin CrazyMG says:

I’m 11 is it good for meh

Grafmec X says:

I never had a PlayStation 4 before and wasn't planning on getting one either but then I saw Skyrim vr and me being the biggest Skyrim nerd I bought a PS4 pro, Skyrim vr the vr headset with vr world's bundled in and a PS4 pro cooling stand!!
Sooo me watching this video now is a bit late! 😛

KnivesNGunsBoy says:

I want rick and morty vr! But the price for this system is too high

Nice One says:

Shut the up.

Georgios Panailidis says:

What game is at 05:0005:15?

Andy M says:

VR is the future. The PS5 will be heavily based on the VR experience…. there's only so much experience you can get from 2D…VR feels like you're living the game, rather than just playing it.

SkullMinePro says:

The PlayStation VR is uncomfortable, doesn't have 360º support.
If you don't have a massive room, Playstation VR is next to impossible to use, plus I found the tracking is bad.
They don't have many decent games. Plus, if you wear it comfortably, you can see quite a lot of the real world.
Get an Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive.

Cannibal Raptor says:

I know this technology is new to home use, but I can’t wait until they can make it so the hands are attached to some arms

CamMan 678 says:

If I would get this my only dream game for this is a port of bioshock remastered. I think it would look stunning in vr.

pranav2004 says:

The biggest drawback is that it costs as much as the damn ps4

A Person says:

Already did

A . Smith says:

Just got this. PSVR. for hubby's Bday. Hes a long time PS player since PS1….He playde it ALL weekend. Im like' Am I enabling him?' 😒but it took him a days to realize he had it and he was like😳…I got the PS4

andrew29666 says:

Bought the VR last week – awesome!

Graphics are 1080p not as clear as TV but smooth and loads of fun – definitely worth it – Battlefront and Dirt Rally are awesome and Farpoint is great too

Candace Peters says:

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Avis Watson says:

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Wayne Storton says:

I love VR and I think that Sony has pitched in well to get mass take-up ('mass' being relative). I really love the VR experience. In the future, I am sure it will be better. But for now; Sony VR is great 🙂

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