PlayStation VR Unboxing + Demo

PlayStation VR Unboxing + Demo

PlayStation VR Bundle (USA Link) – PlayStation VR Bundle (International) – Welcome to my PlayStation VR unboxing …


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20 thoughts on “PlayStation VR Unboxing + Demo

Darren Griffiths says:

love your vids

Amiable ARK says:

thats super cool $

Dhaka1219 Dhaka1219 says:

ohhhhhhhhwwwww yeahhhhhh!

Ntaji Tebak says:

every kid want this for Christmas my bro.

\iamrapwinter// says:

Hratatatata gratatatata

Cebi says:

omg its for me ?!

Wardaddy Foreveryoung says:

Lew can you please stop shouting like a retarded monkey on steroids in your videos, it really breaks the immersion

Gameplay with Stasi says:
zaygaming zay says:

I got one

Soyalatte Mum says:

Will this fit on a child

Persiancat says:

It's blurry as shit do not waste your precious money.

عرفات الذماري says:

اخ يا قلبي ما اروع هي العبه

Petrol Gaming says:


Darkbit says:

really why so muh fake screams?….not cool but lame.

Darkbit says:

why so stupid?

Mian Abdul Malik says:

this person looks like sami zayn brother

Mihai Nicolae says:

Wow, man you live in the paradise. :X

Ammar Imtiaz says:

I want this

ѕαяαναиα кυмαя says:


carlas dogs says:

Im telling santa ik im 19 yrs oldbut seriously !

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