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Enter the world of Battledexx. A gameshow in the future, where combatants fight for the ultimate prize of freedom for them and their families from Prison Planet Earth. We have the Special Edition Boxes, the COMPLETE series One, all the original fighters and Summons, packaged in one box!


Battledexx is a vast upgradable card game that takes moment to learn and months to master. Battledexx is all about trumping your opponent. By taking it in turns, you must place a single card in a place on the grid so that you can attack and defeat your opponent’s cards.

You can use a random deck, or choose your fighters. Choosing fighters is best used when your opponent has their own deck. Randomizing your cards is better when sharing a deck. You and your opponent will continue placing cards until you both run out of cards. The player with the most cards alive (Faces visible) will be declared the winner.

Default play grid sizes are as follows… Premium Box and large collections – 5×5 grid using 25 cards each. Of course you can use many variations of these rules. Using 25 or even 30 cards on a 3 x 3 grid is particularly vexing and extremely difficult, but an intense and good battle. As long as your opponent agrees, you can play on whatever sized grids and as many cards each as long as you have equal cards.

Full in-depth instructions available manual-02

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Trading Card game containing 111 individual warriors, summon attacks, migick and magicka, inspired by Senran Kagura and Final Fantasy VIII side game “Triple Triad”. With future expansion packs being worked on as we speak, with an expected warrior pool of around 300 plus.

The game can be played with one pack by two people, randomly sharing the deck. Or you can play with a box each, carefully choosing your best warriors.

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Battledexx Boxes

1 Box (Shared Play), 2 Boxes (Full Deck Each)


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