Unboxing PS4 Pro Fortnite Battle Royale bundle & Slim console bundles. Royale Bomber skin and 500 v-bucks – but no limited edition console paint.




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PlayStation® presents LIVE MY NEW ULTIMATE FORTNITE PlayStation 4 Pro – jak działa FORTNITE: INFINITY WAR (React: PS4 Pro Unboxing [ITA] e Prima UNBOXING DE LA TOUTE NOUVELLE PS4 Slim vs. PS4 Pro – Mana JE TENTE LE TOP 1 AVEC LE

48 thoughts on “PS4 “FORTNITE” CONSOLE

TheRelaxingEnd says:

Fortnite fans here?

Metz Mohi says:

What is this a miming channel

Nikita Pritchard says:

0:16 😂

Kadan Ponder says:

I found it very hard to masturbate to, very uncomfortable

Robert Galindo Carvajal says:

Este tipo perese asesino

Jordan Hamilton says:

The people who disliked must like the game because they clicked on the video

Jose Luis s. says:

Aburrido gay presumido "were is the librari"yo no negocio cara de cul0

dante Agüero says:



TSM icyvans says:

Hahaha who buys a disc for fortnite

jumana jack says:

Hu is fortnite is free in the store

Esdras Game Play says:

Fortnite mm e de graça?


Creído maricon

Nolan Giugni says:


Misael Guzman says:

La vdd la play 4 como fornite son una mierda V:

flow xy says:

Why you Put on Handboots

futebol bola do ar says:

Eu queria 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢

juanma tube says:

Me regalas una play porfa soy de argentina buenos aires y me suscribo a tu canal

Jaadhulla Jameel says:

sooo if i am not fortnite fan thumbs down

Sa_beum_nim says:

venez voir ma chaine, y'a des putes, du gameplay, toussa toussa

Sachu Safthar Said says:

You has so many ps4 are giving ps4 by giveaway I want one please

natali flores says:

porqué los guantes

عبود قيمز says:

هده مو فور تنايت الحقيقي

TRITONAX 500 says:

Look like a murder 😅😂

Preet patel says:

Can you imagine how many PS4 pro's and PS4's would be there with him

Станислав Зотов says:

кто русский

Mohamed Mohamed says:


matan הקינג says:

מי שישראלי שיתן לייק

denis Fajardo says:

A mi me compran una ps4 pro en un mes y medio,como voy a disfrutar abrirla❤


Where you buy it

isac Clash says:

So tenho um ps3 😥

joao toloza says:

No se porque me gusta este tipo de video 😉

-VINI -PRO says:

E ruim pq se riscar tchal mais na PSN nao

Guilherme Henrique says:

Me faz uma doação de um PS4 vc parece ter muitos

paula ortiz says:

Regalate una play 4

渚、 says:


Zian CR says:

Esto qué es un Asmr de una nueva play??

Βαδιλης Μακροδημητρας says:

Fuck fortnite

Douglas Mello Reolon says:


Douglas Mello Reolon says:

O cara só que suacha

melvin och alex papp åsna och apan says:

Svenskt paket

מוחמד עותמאן says:

كيف منشغل فورت نايت

Mikuz says:

Why white Set White pants and shirt?

Ps4loveITALIA Pslove says:

Good game good job i am italian



arushi shukla says:

Yes I am fan of fortnite

جي جي الغامدي says:

عربي لايك

MrSajuoommen says:

Plz do give away to me anyone plz a request of a poor gamer

NoName Gaming says:

I thought the game was inside too

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