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30 thoughts on “PS4 Game SHUTTING DOWN and

GameCross says:

Time Stamps-
00:58 – Lawbreakers Servers Shutdown Today

02:27 – Tetris Effect Release Date

04:30 – New Game Speed Brawl Releasing Tomorrow on PS4

06:37 – New KH3 Trailer Tomorrow

07:42 – Red Dead Redemption 2 New Screenshots

08:32 – Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition Limited Edition Details

Oscar Medina says:

Lawbreakers was supposed to be free, then they changed it to $30 release date, so the community gave up on it early

Miksari says:

They Should Make lawBreakers FTP or PS plus.

MarioSonicDKPokeFAN says:

30 dollars I'll NEVER GET BACK!! A big fat F.U to the game and it's Creator!!!! Might as well delete it off my PS4

-Spadecat18-π says:

Glad I didn't buy lawbreakers that game looks badass but people are just dip shits

KaiserLament says:

Speed Brawlers has some incredible polish o.o might pick it up

LuchaKing says:

Lawbreakers shud become free to play

L33T SUPA H4X0R says:

"$29.99 – non of that $60 multiplayer only bullshit…"
-Ex Developer Clifford Blezinski

Mianlo Mangaing says:

Just like Gravity Rush 2, they shut down the servers.

RyujiGaming _ says:

Persona 5 and 3 dance looks nice

Kevin Strom says:

Isn't lawbreakers pretty new?

Braincube 013 says:

Xbox fanboys are getting so toxic after Spider-Man release.

Brian Pace says:

Another PlayStation exclusive Tetris effect . PlayStation 4 is in beast mode

Randy Bradley says:

There is still Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise in terms of PS4 exclusives left for this year and in terms of PSVR we're still getting Gungrave VR. Lawbreakers should have just offered a battle royale mode. To bad the game launched broken on the PS4. I seen it in a store for $19.99 back in October of last year I wish I would have bought it just for collectible reasons. Tetris Effect is awesome and trippy with the PSVR headset on and will not go back to playing it without.

Let us Get it says:

They should have made it free. I’d buy skins

Joeydemond W says:

Dang I thought it was fortnite that was getting canceled oh well😒

avg joe gaming says:

Do we get a refund for lawbreakers? Not exactly a contract for life of games but to shut it down in 2 years.
Game was good but just surrounded by bigger games

Abel Raregroove says:

Someone said KH3

bilogskii22 says:

Another KH trailer? I swear, they already shown the whole story at this point..

Matt Broussard says:

So law breakers released?? Seriously I totally missed this one!!

Hunters Last Nightmare says:

Wow lawbreakers looks so cool but now it’s shutting down ;(

OmegaSconer says:

Dumb cunts couldn't just make law breakers free to play with micro transactions. They would have made money, who knows how much they could have made. Stupid bastards.

Robert Coarse says:

Lawbreakers should been free too play from day 1 might have survived

EmpireZ Creed says:

I bought it for no reason 😭

EmpireZ Creed says:

Lawbreakers is actually a good game

EmpireZ Creed says:

Dammit I really liked lawbreakers but but not much people played it

Savage Steve413 says:

We should prob get refunded for law breakers since it was multiplayer only? What’s the point you can’t use the game anymore. I did enjoy it for a month.

SeiraWasTaken says:

Y'all acting like this is news lawbreakers been shutting down for a minute

Mike G says:

Crashed harder than battleborn lol and bb was a great game

Nesho 1 says:

Why are you talking so fast?

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