PS4 how to sign into

PS4 how to sign into

Luke Vlogs


36 thoughts on “PS4 how to sign into

Luke Vlogs says:

Hope this helped

Jman Tube says:

Thanks it worked

Mikey The Gamer says:

Your a god

Danielle Phelan says:


XxSoulsBroxX says:

For me I accidentally pressed the reformist password now I can’t login at all it just stays there forever

TheLastPage says:

Just verify your email guys!

Savige Sivan says:

it worked the diss like butten worked

Cecko Proto says:

Kak da si naprava PSN account

Colby Legarde says:

No help what so ever wast of time

Matthew Sullivan says:

All of u guys have to put the cable connected to the ps4 so it doesn't say error

Efe Adams says:

Dorito looking boy

PrettySilk81 says:

dosen't work noob

Damien Osborn says:

I have a problem where it says email or password in incorrect but its not

charly gonzalez says:

Thank u so much u helped me now i can play some fortnite i liked the vid bt2

TheOfficalWaterBuffalo says:

Thanks man

hitman 98 says:

This help so much

hitman 98 says:

You op

Leidy Valdez says:

Dude it won’t work for me

Kaleo Ringlen says:

Bra I did the same thing but the thing is it kept on telling me to enter my email and password

Hunter Darby says:

Hey bro I got you to 1k likes 😎

K1NGJTD The boss says:

Thanks bro!

xPro MvS says:

Doesn’t work so next time u lie to someone

Lakeia Lovell says:


Bobby Groebner says:


Aladdin Aldiri says:

It didn't work it says and error has occurred

GFS Rylan says:


MISTER says:

Thx bro i love you

Junior Rosas says:


TRIFON 137 says:

It work thanks

Joey Walker says:

Thank you!!!

GET 100 subs for Craig without a Video says:

Thank you

The Plohl says:

Thanks bro

teh_ ompperei says:

Thank you!

Unique Cousins Dancers says:

Thank u so much

Newkids says:


Donat Vuksan says:

Thank you so much

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