PS4 Pro – Does It Suck?

PS4 Pro – Does It Suck?

PlayStation 4 Pro (USA Link) – PlayStation 4 Pro (International) – Welcome to my PS4 Pro unboxing video. The PS4 Pro …


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28 thoughts on “PS4 Pro – Does It Suck?

TomatenManMax says:

I got a gaming pc but i got machine banned from fortnite.
But i have really awesome parents and got a ps4 pro to play fortnite xD

Marie Moltsanti says:

All PlayStations suck af

Mr. VeryBat says:

Does the ps4 pro come with a 2.0 hdmi cable or a 1.4?

jarmandeep dhaliwal says:

Please tell me price ps4 pro 1tb

Jinder Singh says:

Can i have 1


3 words…yes it does
Its a pain in the ass

OkaOscar says:

1 problem though. It doesn’t have a 4K blue ray player because Sony assumed everything would go digital. But nope, they should have put one in. Other than that it has better specs than the Xbox one s

Littleton Carey says:

Your a cool Hip Hop, funny dude😎 I'm getting one thanks man

just another account says:

As a person with no bias, PC Master race people are like vegans, they cant shut the fuck up about it

ĮȚŞ Mý şťýľĕ says:

I have PS5

Alin Dan Campan says:

I’ve got the old PS4 and a 4K tv , is it worth getting

fan boy says:

It doesn't suck

Yellow4Ever says:

Anyone got a tips on how to remove a dent from the edge of a ps4, or atleast make the dent a little more smooth and less scratchy.
Any help would really help, thx!

Gurjap channel says:

You forget gta 5

Dhiraj Raj Khatri says:

ha ha ha come on man!!!!!

Yagami Bhai says:

yeah you are a professional

Adam G says:

Xbox is better 💚

Mr Bob says:

Wait for ps5… this review is garbage btw

Pryme says:

Does the PS4 Pro improve input deley

Sacred Sun says:

Love how hes saying most might not have 4k. Those who dont have 4k are the same people who still use computers from the early 90's, toasters. 4k isn't expensive and even it is being phased out by better tv's. Compared to the other ps4, ps4 pro is not that significant of an upgrade that warrants buying it. Mostly if you have a ps4 upgrading to ps4 pro is nominal and just wasting your money. Not to mention it's upscaled 4k, not native 4k. Huge difference. Just another cash cow.

Robert Feliciano says:

Getting this soon. Can’t wait to play God of War and Spider-man

Venom Videos says:

Xbox One x

Matheesha Weerasundara says:

What is your job…

Billy Jean says:

I made a gaming pc because the prices for games on the ps4 are just crazy 😜 70€ is not acceptable ! I pay 40€ max for new games on pc even at preorder, ps4 pro is a joke ! 4K on a consolé ? Yeah right..why do you even need 4K ..and then what ?8k 10k …

paul Swanepoel says:

Yes it does!!

El Diablo says:

Just wondering… I have a 27" 1080p monitor. Price is not a problem. What should I get? Ps4 or ps4 pro?

Zombieok Hizar says:

Yes ps4 sucks why pro anything this

Ahmad Souliman says:

Best of luck … Ur awesome 👌

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