The 4K HDR capable PS4 Pro is out now – but is it really worth buying? I setup, test and review the PS4 Pro on a 4K HDR TV to find out what’s new and if it’s …


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48 thoughts on “PS4 Pro SETUP & REVIEW (4K

arnold oliver says:

I said about three months ago that the PS4 PRO is a waste of money I was wrong I saw it I tried it and I enjoy it so much so I decided to buy one I'm glad I was wrong thank you for the video

sulaiman dayoub says:

Ps4 pro go ahead keep it up man

Aaron vargas says:

Thanks you

cactus jack says:

ps4 can go up to 4k but doesn't stay 4k it goes down resolutions like the xbox one S

David Holmes says:

I got PS4 with 1080p tv. I’m not convinced enough to go ahead and buy the pro with 4K tv.
Shall I wait for ps5 then get the latest tv?

Firdaus Haron says:


Salman Alsalman says:

This video is kind of old, I found the HDMI UHD color section under external device manager section in general setting on my samsung TV.

Good job there, old but is still gold

The Crane Man says:

I'm sorry I'm not PlayStation fan I'm Xbox one fan by the crane man


Im so poor… I've never owned a console in my life, I just like watching these video's.

Dænny says:

does the ps4 pro come with a HDMI 2.0 cable?

Distant Light Productions says:

HDR does not exist with games. It is as real as unicorns or goblins. Why? Well when you talk about dynamic range in the real world, you are talking about exposing a camera with a certain gamma profile that allows the videographer to film a scene thats quite contrasty but will allow the information in the shadows and highlights to be adequately recorded, resulting in a picture thats pleasing to the eye. Games are not organic like natural light, therefore the programmer can adjust all levels of the graphics, shading and textures because its basically just data. They have been able to do this well before HDR became another hook in the industry. Yes we film in HDR for jobs as the results are superb, but I really dont think the term HDR should be applied to gaming when the programmer is creating the shadows and highlights to begin with. oh, and Yes, i still own a PS4 old school 😉

T10Z2 101 says:

Do I need A PlayStation plus membership to download games like fortnite In the PlayStation store

Wadood Abas says:


Wadood Abas says:

Do Xbox one x vs ps4 pro

عَبْدُالقَادِر بِن مُحَمَّد says:

I got disappointed with this console though it's my first one . I only have a 1080p 60Hz TV and the frame rate is really bad and annoying . I've been told that the frame rate is locked on 30 fps but it feels like 20 or lower , especially in Destiny 2 .. It has been a year since I bought the PS4 Pro and I don't highly recommend buying it If you do care about the frame rate , I didn't try playing on a gaming PC but I could build myself one that can run 60+ fps by all that money I spent on the console ..

Paul Mader says:

Love my pro but I wish it came with 4k player but you can't have everything

Alex Will says:

Bro 43k smart tv can support 4k ????

Mehmet Altay says:


Spooky Baron says:

Totally no mention of FPS? Why?

Venkata Sai Pranav Chowdary Annabathina says:

On my birthday my dad is buying PS4

Ryan Heard says:

i don't know why your not able to see the massive difference in graphics compared to the regular PS4 but that shit looks way better.

Noah Ward says:


Gavin Bleasby says:

Finally someone who isn't going ga-ga over 4k with the PS4 Pro! I know this video is a year old now, but I've recently upgraded to a 4k tv and decided to upgrade my PS4 too based on all the other videos saying it was a great idea with a 4k set. I noticed very little difference between my TV upscaling from 1080p on the original PS4 to checkerboard 4k or whatever quasi-4k resolution above 1080 games run in. HDR makes a bigger difference than the bump in resolution, but the original PS4 also does HDR. A 4k HDR TV with decent resolution handling tech (the Samsungs, Sonys etc) means the difference is just not noticeable to the untrained eye. Glad it's not just me…

Vincent哥 says:

Can we record ps4pro without capture card ?

Abdur Rafay says:

In what price did you bought

أغنيه جديد كل انواع says:


steve johnson says:

Uncharted isnt 4k though.

X Arbiter69 X says:

Xbox one x is way better

Explosive Gamer says:

Your video looks great and good explanation really great good job and thanks for your video 👊

CrOwXCOM AQuAriSeRpENT says:

Thank you for the review! 🙂

Yazid Sfaira says:

Comment le prix

Baptiste De Mol says:

Pc is slecht

FBI says:

hiç bir konsol kasmaz!!!! ;))

AlphaMax says:

I bought the slim ps4 only cause I don't have a 4k tv and cause the pro does not support hdr discs. So for that reason If I want to play hdr discs I may soon just get a normal 4k samsung blu-ray player.

Assassin AS4 says:


ashamlal Z says:

I have the same tv!

ddt 2x vlogs says:


Deathx Kinslayer says:

Retarded question but I just got the pro, so please bare with me… so how can you select performance mode 60fps or 4k mode at 30? Is that only in specific games and in-game options? Or in the ps4 settings somewhere??

E Ehhsbshs says:

Should I buy ps4 or ps4 pro

Julien Randrianandrasana says:

So uhhh, does it drop frames? What fps does it get lol.

IcedOut Wrist23 says:

Watching this at 144p

SkyFr0st Vlogs/Gaming says:

Which is the best settings for a non 4K tv? 1080i or 1080p?

Mohit Gehani says:

Checkerboard methods is not true 4K…..

Niki Tr says:

If you already have a ps4..don't buy a ps4 pro

Theswitchy1 says:

I upgraded and I'm very happy with the pro

haters hater says:

On my opinion online gaming is waaaaaay better on the PS4 pro . Happy to have one.

Blitz Gaming says:

hi guys i just bought new 4k uhd LG 43 inch tv just playing it on my ps4 the normal one just want know does the new tv do anything for my old ps4

Jose Rodriguez says:

So I recently got a 4K tv with hdr. Should I update my Ps4 to a Pro? A ps5 is a long way from release and i doubt I would buy one since I tend to wait for Sony to release a better version of it? Any suggestions?

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