PS4 Pro Showcase Video | E3

PS4 Pro Showcase Video | E3



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26 thoughts on “PS4 Pro Showcase Video | E3

Low Animator says:

Xbox forever

akhilesh kumar says:

Which song is used in this

Lucas R says:

Eu quero um ps4 pro ma promoção sub3191-actived

Priyadharsun Ravi says:

Ps4 4k60 fps upgrade

Priyadharsun Ravi says:

Jumanji 2 and 1 ps4 exclusive games

Vinisyhaa Vijayan says:

i got the ps4 slim😢😢😢

SepiaBee9 says:

XBOX ONE ❤❤❤❤❤



Minguado Reverso says:

its not 4k lie

osiito lindo says:

SONY the next system console make it play 4K movies with HDR and Dolby Vision and 4K Blu-ray games, no more Blu-ray. 4K games will have beautiful graphics!

Dharmar Dharmar says:

I love ps4 pro

Jade Rabbit says:

Getting a ps4 pro very soon (so happy!)

Omega Centari says:

Got one

Tifaaword Awordtifa says:

Qe feo

Torrent Turbo says:

Xbox one X Wins

The Phenomenal says:

no many 😟

Moncef Mokran says:

Ps4 pro is a beautiful console

Killer Raven574 says:

Should I trade my xbox one x for a Ps4 Pro at gamestop or online

Cristian Maincra says:

Wow this consolé it's 4k Blu-ray no wait it's Xbox One S

OmarBalbuenasip 645 says:

Una. Pura. Mierda


Is it only me or does this dude sound like yandere dev

CatsRule05 says:

I have PS4 pro

Mecha Cubes Studios says:

can ps4 pro use a ps4 game disc?

Lizzylemongrabs 》 says:

PLEASE MAKE PS4 BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE(And thank you if you do, but I know the people that made the ps4 won't see this comment )

Aman Khanna says:

Woh Insomniac Spidey was revealed in 2017??

Youssef Samy says:

Boy xd

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