Rebels Recon #1.10: Inside

Rebels Recon #1.10: Inside

In Rebels Recon #1.10, StarWars.com goes behind the scenes of the Star Wars Rebels episode “Idiot’s Array” for the inside scoop on Lando Calrissian’s return …



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31 thoughts on “Rebels Recon #1.10: Inside

Sark Art says:

They made me think someone hacked my phone

turtlelover59 says:

sees Hera punch Lando in the…

StaticYonder says:


paulyoungck says:

Fulcrum jammed the transmission signal from Pablo to avoid him revealing his/her identity XD

Sworziy says:

And what happen with Ezra in the new episode?

Sworziy says:

Why dont you put Darth Vader duelling with Kanan or Ezra or both of them?!

Stentorus says:

I don't use Twitter, but here's my question:

In several scenes from earlier episodes of Rebels, we observe Stock TIE fighters landing on the ground. Not by using specialized landing gear, but rather on their wings. As far I I've been led to believe, TIE fighters can't land and must be launched from specialized racks in their hangers.

MlunguX says:

Such a funny episode…

Conrado Javier says:

What's with the Orange Overtones of this Show?, The Logo, Chopper, Ezra's Jumpsuit, & a Certain Orange Girl is coming her way.

star wars nerd 108 says:

lando is one of my favourite characters in star wars he is ladies man and epic can't wait for the episode. 

Kristin Ward says:

Are clone wars and rebels connected ?

HangDeath says:

who are they aiming this show for?    6-10 year olds? There's only a handful of scenes that are actually good for mature audiences, but still theres a lot of cliche lines and cheesy character development. They seem to win every battle against the empire. Sabine being a Mandorlian is way to soft.. there's no character to her at all, she acts like a lifeless cliche princess. 

LILWagonBurner says:

The second guy looks like a mix of Liam neeson and Fidel Castro

Grigory Fazz says:

Does sabine develop a crush on lando in idiot array or is it just me?

Lindy Nelson says:

I LOVE STAR WARS REBELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Acclimate Music says:

Okay everyone, I'll admit it. I AM FULCRUM…

Stormtrooper Gaming says:

The senator was the guy who was fighting the empire but in the episode it realvels he's a tratior and works for the empire

LightStreak567 says:

1:53 Super Empire Strikes Back! I got that in my Wii VC! I love AND HATE that game!

Aqil Amani says:

Fulcrum is Ahsoka Tano if you make the voice higher

Ahsoka Tano says:

I hope it is Ahsoka

Neptune Cinema says:

She said the next episode is coming February 2nd. Why are they putting them out every other week now? I guess they want to make them last. I just want to watch it! This show is so good!

Javier De Leon says:

fulcrum is bail organa

Victor Miguel says:

come on fulcron is Organa!!!!! I have almost sure

Cosmic Ascendancy says:

Maybe Fulcrum is Master Altis ;)?

Darth Korn says:

I think fulcrom is han solo, it makes sense because lando made an appearance and the guy said that its someone that travels the galaxy 

Bloodgod40 says:

At 6:20 on the bench behind Andi there is a variety of figurines and other items sitting out. One of them is a cuboid shaped object with the same symbol on it that was on the crate Fulcrum left at Fort Anaxes. Except this time, it's on an orange background. People have noted already that the glyph from the crate looks like stylized representation of Ahsoka Tano's forehead pigmentation, and thus that Fulcrum might actually be Ahsoka. This new appearance of the same symbol, but now on an orange background, would seem to lend credence to that theory. They're dropping little clues. That symbol wasn't left sitting there for nothing, or by accident. It was supposed to be in the shot. 🙂

DJ Tapz says:

I don't mean to spoil "vision of hope" but why doesn't Kanan or Ezra ever decapitate any of those storm troopers! I mean like they were so close to them but instead got shot by Sabine! I can understand why Kanan didn't slice up any troopers in the other episodes but this is just ridiculous!

Kobra 68712 says:

Is it my imagination or does the Senator Gall Trayvis look just like David Niven??

keshins moves says:

Falcrom is ashoka


Spoilers for Vision of hope….



The senator is Gall Travis who is actual working for the empire and was just there to lead the rebels to there DOOM!!!

Roman Tsi says:

What happens to capital Rex and delta squad after Oder 66

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