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Scott (Wet:Venom) – Commissions Open

TitleStateCommissioned byReferenceNotesArtist
Naruto (Private Image)FinishingAnonYesN/AScott
Kallen Kozuki + CCFinishingPenginYesGangbangScott
Hilda, Rosa Doujin1 of 10Go10Yes10 Page PaidScott
Blake and KaliFinishingTHEYesFutaScott
Dark Piccolo, Misao, HinataFinishingDark PiccoloYesNAScott

Sakimoto Ayame – RIP

OK, so most of you know Saki lost her battle with Cancer. I’m not sure of any of the details. This changes everything, I cannot take on 30 commissions, it’s totally unrealistic so I’ve agreed to take on 10 maybe 15, depending on how far the project is. For those I’m not doing, you can either get a refund by emailing her cousin charlieestbo69@gmail.com. If you want me to take it on and do it from scratch, you can pay the $50 difference (My commissions cost $110 – $150) but I’ll accept $50.  If you do contact Sakis family, please please please be polite, it’s a hard time for them and they need to find the money to repay you.

Outstanding Commissions: If you can, post your project and reference in my forum here, set to PRIVATE if you wish.

TitleStateCommissioned byReferenceNotesArtist
Alias Dark and SakiPencilsAlias DarkYesN/ASakimoto/Scott
Saki AmputeeColoursJackelSakimoto
Yubel Yu-Gi-Oh! ConceptSonicYesAnal CreampieSakimoto,Scott
EmpoweredConceptMaskedMarmosetStanding, GekkoSakimoto
Phoebe, Paige, Piper (Charmed)ConceptArcYesCoverSakimoto
Saki, OC ZeoConceotDavidSakimoto
Tifa LockhartFinishingEvaFreakVoreSakimoto,Scott
OC YuriConceptGravenlilyYuriSakimoto,Scott
Tera, SakimotoConceptHipYanYuriSakimoto
OC ColouringJKCYSakimoto
Private GF ProjectsQueuedAiken DoujinSakimoto
Azkan, Y'shtolaQueuedKohzYuriSakimoto
Dragonball DoujinshiPencillingCameronOngoing ProjectSakimoto
SakimotoQueuedDoc6Belly Button FetishSakimoto
Milf DoujinInkingFederico3 PageSakimoto
LibbyOngoingFNHTon going x10Sakimoto
Mahiru KoizumiQueuedGuro 2 PartSakimoto
Sakimoto, GiantQueuedArcVoreSakimoto