SAO bloopers Anime Expo 2018

SAO bloopers Anime Expo 2018

I’m sorry Bryce. Seriously, the guy behind me that kept on saying, Bryce, is fucking annoying. I had to turn around and silently tell the guy to shut up without …





20 thoughts on “SAO bloopers Anime Expo 2018

Cadence's Cool Stuff says:

"IT'S MOTHERF***ING HAMMER TIME!!!!!!!!!!" I officially died at that point.

RedRazor says:

That son of a bitch did it again

Darek Yu says:

this is why sao allicization hasnt come out yet

Timothy Beaston says:

dear fucking god that hurt XD its refreshing to see voice actors having fun like this. my face hurts from laughing XD

Snowflakian Dreams says:

I'd straight up buy a redub in this style for the full episodes. It'd be so worth it. An actual good "Abridged" of sao with the official voices.

Chaechae . Xo says:

Is this made by the real voice actors?

HatsuOsu! says:

8:00 tks

hendra singhpei says:

it's todd haberkorn! 6:13

Amagical person says:


Dillan kirkendall says:

This is fucking dumb I hate this shit video I wish it would burn in hell 😡😡

James Holden says:

"we're having a meeting to come up with a plan to defeat the floor on boss one wait the fuck am I saying?" lol

Some one says:

"So you wanna do it or not?"

アリシゼーション楽しみすぎて毎日発狂中 says:


ぴよ says:


Ruh-Ruh says:


Stfu please

mystup1dPl4ylist ow says:

Sao bloopers??? OR MORE LIKE Sao Dub bloopers??

when i'm thinking bloopers is gonna be like, you know like the "toy story" bloopers in the end of the credit or like almost "Jackie Chan Movie actor" in the end of credit, I just thinking like that, but what I see in here is just Some dub actor just make a fun when they dub. I'm not hate Sao at all OK. I just giving my opinion what I see in this video. OK peace.

P. S. I'm sorry if my grammar so bad, not good at English TBH.

Daniel Lian says:

Freaking love this anime.thx to this anime I entered the realm of anime

CarGUY2014 says:

The only issue I have with these is the huge amount of echo and the audience being too loud to hear. Besides that, I'm glad this was able to make it to YouTube one way or another.

Dangerous Paws says:


Dangerous Paws says:

Wait this isn't an abridged compilation?

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