Save a Vault Hunter. [F]uck a Siren

Save a Vault Hunter. [F]uck a Siren

Save a Vault Hunter. [F]uck a Siren

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40 thoughts on “Save a Vault Hunter. [F]uck a Siren

Zack_WithaK says:

*Ok, ok, don’t screw this up. Just flirt like a normal person*


CatGirlBestGirl says:

Here’s a [few more](https://imgur.com/a/tUCNmRl) !

skirteffect says:

Now thats that’s a real sexual tyrannosaurus πŸ˜‰

_FinallyEighteen_ says:

I can be your tiny Tina πŸ™ˆ

HamboneGoBlue says:

Heading to my local fast travel πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

XColdLogicX says:

Borderlands 2: commander lilith enters my dreams!

CornbreadRambo says:

Your name should be Harold, so you can be double penetrated

SilverTungD says:

this is so fucking badass. sooo creative, and this luscious body.

mockzaylin says:


subanthony86 says:

Mmm dayumm yes please

kekistani71 says:

Subscribed…just fuck me already!

Mimmo4 says:

Absolutely gorgeous!

mike17932486 says:

That’s pretty cool! Did u play the new BL2 DLC that was just released for free?

SaowwiKun says:

I see you’re a woman of culture as well

bchs89 says:

I’d phaselock that πŸ’ͺ

6inchToungue says:

Wouldn’t hesitate or pause.

Siren you say – Are you a screamer or maybe just a little vociferous?

Ladies_pm_dem_curves says:

So much better than moxxi

CiudadanoNADIE says:

The meme of that guy spitting cereal… that’s exactly what happened to me when I saw this picture. Is one of those things that you don’t know that you need until you see it. I’m gonna draw some hentais with this motif.

brphilly69 says:


Sir-Chewie says:

It’s a good thing I’m already a soldier, I would set up my sentries and fuck and protect that beautiful body of yours.

raneldor says:

Aww man I was done for today… whelp, back to playing

Sorinmarkov1994 says:

1. You look amazing! 😍
2. I might have that same towel… πŸ€”

FatherSwan says:

Holy shit yet!

xTGI_CommanderX says:

Lilith and Maya got nothing on you. Jesus, come to me, girl.

xTGI_CommanderX says:

Also, funny story, I happen to be playing the epic new DLC story for BL2 right now.

v0id_walk3r says:

Sirens drown sailors.

FineglinBill says:

There’s a joke involving “Moxxi’s Bad Touch” in there somewhere.

DecisionsNZ says:

😲 oh my god! This is amazing!

drunkinbastard says:

I like how my location destination is your tits! Amazing work!

sugarglidersam says:

I’m a fan of this.

Shylogic says:

Yes please!

IHaveNoIdea666 says:

I would use the baby maker to farm you till we get a swordsplosion drop

edyamazaki says:

So beautiful, but I’m just a CL4P – TP…

spongebob4883 says:

Now this looks pretty amazing!!

that_one_guy852 says:

Damn! Honey got a belly full of dynamite and a booty like POOW! Lol

firefly-v says:

A fan of borderlands
A fan of body art
A fan of your body


bobert3469 says:

You should try photo reactive paint and take the pic under black light for the glow effect. Gorgeous either way. You can phase lock me anytime!

Punloverrrr says:

Phasewalk here with a pizza mayhaps?

Mighty_Pinto says:

Yeah, sounds fun until I get phaselocked mid-coitus

Vynn_K says:

the whole lewd aspect aside, that’s actually really cool!

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