SHARK ATTACK! – Playstation VR

SHARK ATTACK! – Playstation VR



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45 thoughts on “SHARK ATTACK! – Playstation VR

Kihara Faith says:

I watched this with the VR yesterday.
I screamed like hell..
That shark is so scary

Juliannalyn Malicdan says:


Georgia Brigati says:

Anyone watching this in 2018

Syed Ameen says:


Original Daily says:

I regret learning how games are made… Now i don't get the full experience anymore

teivi yt says:


Burner says:

i’m to scared play the coral reef thingy

DR. D!SCORD says:

4:38 it’s called a manga ray

Alexis Stearman says:

He took your oxygen tank and you are gonna die!!!

TheSavagePringle 101 says:

R.I.P My ears WARNING do not where headphone and turn it up loud

Ps:u kinda scream like a girl 😝

Juan Sanchez says:

That's scary

IceCream 101 says:

I love your reaction

Grayson Koetting says:

I don't think i've actially seen those hanging flappy thingies

Natasha Milligan says:

"hangy downy flappy things"

stacie coleman says:

I was but by a shark

Eivind Aae says:

i have tryed that myself

Dirt Block 267 says:


Logan Archer says:


Build N Brix says:

12:30 sharks can’t swim backwards

Build N Brix says:

Quite bad logic in this sharks can’t swim backwards

david robinson says:

love the The video I liked and subed

Taylor Russell says:

The red is lava

Николай Шаболин says:

Осо масайесен гасад тусупосой асамесерисикасашкаса)))

Fluffy Puffs says:

I hope the Meg. Isn't there

ledzeppelin1201 says:

Anyone plz tell me if you'll get divers' disease after goin up that fast.

raydan juair says:

Lol ur scream actually scared me cuz I had my volume on High

Vero Bastidas says:

He said sh*t

Common Sense says:

Oh yeah! I did this too and it was amazing. Pretty cool to see YouTubers do it too. 🙂

Peter Downs says:

What’s a big black thing

Channel omu says:


Bansheeturbo 351 says:

I have megalophobia,and I'm terrified to see an abandoned submarine,also sharks and ships…

olivia mefi says:


Rene Sanchez says:

It’s not feet it’s meters

Rosa Constante says:

Hi i am now ok 😊😃😀🙋

L3v1 5t4d says:
watermeloan21 says:

It annoyed me so much bc he wouldn’t face the back

Canadian Comrades says:

Dat monetization tho

Gianluca B says:

omg that was haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omgomgomg ooff! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

LαzεrGαмεrTV says:

Thumbs up if your watching this 2018

Manatee Lover 47 Gameing says:

The sark scared me

Jed Rusk says:

VR is way awesome

Glen says:

I was at a great vr place today and let me tell you… IT IS ACTUALLY TERRIFYING I’m not kidding it makes you want to put off the headset


His hand movements at 13:2713:21 😂😂😂🤣

xxXCadey TimeXxx says:


Luz Torres says:

I did the same thing

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