STAR WARS 8 The Last Jedi

STAR WARS 8 The Last Jedi



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40 thoughts on “STAR WARS 8 The Last Jedi

warkah harian says:

salam hari malaysia
salam 1 malaysia
salam bersalam salaman

Pedro Ferreira says:

Carrie Fisher

Spark The dragon says:

1:28 thats not Daisy ridley…………right

Joe Baumann says:

Too bad it's not actually a picture of Daisy. lol

Vingamer 765 says:

Finn looks like Morgan Freeman

Lord Arnold says:

Whomever that is, is totally badfuknass! However it's not Daisy. It's this girl, which you should enjoy more than this video.

Michael Switzer says:

They are all victims of that shithead director and his stupid writing Star Wars is dead

The Man 121 says:

Daammnn i could lick daisey all night long..lol

ObiWan Kenobi says:

That’s 100% not Daisy Ridley for gods sake and Oscar Isaac looks a lot hotter than that in real life that’s an old pic

kevin andersen says:

That's not daisy Ridley the eyes, nose, and chin are not the same. Click bait=dislike

Ludwig Henriksson says:

I came looking for booty

Suso 01 says:


Ornela Ceku says:

1:30 seriously

Dani Rex XD says:

1:29 OKG

Patrick McHale says:

Cool photos. Ridley's hot.

Team TV says:

What is this BGM

flash gaming33 says:

Don't make me think that's daisy Ridley I'm not stupid

Richard _ says:

Rey …… oh my god

Brock Augusto says:

whats the rey chick look alikes instagram?/

Dominique Garcia says:

Did anyone else notice the inconsistency of the names? On some you had the actors name first then the character. Others it was other way around.

Kaila says:

yeah that's not daisy and everyone knows it

Gevorg Abgaryan says:

(Rey) is soooooooo hot😍😍

xXAwesomeAnimeKidXx says:


Gigflakes Dog says:

Who else is seeing this because of the thumbnail

TheMasterChief117 says:

thats not even daisy…… who is the girl i really would love to know

Team Tundra 2 says:

That’s not even Daisy Ridley

Francis Jaeden Reynoso says:

daisy so hot and sexy

Nassib Bashar says:

What is the name of that song ?

SMK says:

its not daisy ridely. her name is Ally Johnson

Théo Defaux says:

c pas daisy ridley ça

da gamer 0505 says:

Rip carry fisher

Андрей Зайцев says:

Что за наебалово, это не Дейзи!

CT- 7567 says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I came for the thumbnail
And so did you

theodore jub says:

Looks nothing like daisy oh my god

Mr11vlad11 says:

0:59 Truth or Dare / правда или действие

LIMESHARK 14 says:

1:32 locks door


Hey…..I want to see ALL of them doing whorish instagram selfies!!

Brandon Jones says:

Rey is bae… Holy God!

BluSteel Dragon says:

Isnt andy serkis the person who played as human smeagle in lotr

KickGamer says:

1:28 FAKE

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