Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Huge

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Huge



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20 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Huge

Kieran Martin says:

And at 10 minutes, he moans that no one pushes with him, it's cos it's a death trap, he should have chosen someone like bosk or Palpatine to clear that out. Then his team would've pushed

Kieran Martin says:

I've realised something quite hippocritical and funny in this video. He moans about officers using the blurg yet he's happy to use the assault equivalent. Oh well, with some people it's just double standards

Mz Kuriyama says:

I'm glad to see teamwork ??

Lᴇɪᴀ Oʀɢᴀɴᴀ says:

I feel for you. . F*cking teammates-

Clayton Kurpiewski says:

That crownedartist guy at 8:48 is probably raging that he got killed twice in a row by a maul saber throw

Πάνος says:

Darth Maul is so strong ??

Army49 says:

When your team doesn't push, come on my comrades

Aidan Wedgbury says:

That poor commander trying to follow you round as maul, couldn't keep up xD

Peter Reynolds says:

Your team mates were pealing potatoes ? ? ? ? ????????

Soul Fillojeen says:

Have you heard of beat saber?

clas85 says:

Just a quick question, not meaning to be preposterous, but are enemys really bad at aiming? how come there's like 5 min straight where you are untouched even rolling in front of them? capturing alone a point? never saw a game like that!

Nocturnal Gamer says:

Hopefully in the future this mode comes to Arcade so I can play with a team that actually knows what their doing…..

Shouldn't expect humans to work together as their "Independent" from each other in IRL…..

Keeli 1136 says:

Hello there 8:24

Nocturnal Gamer says:

This is why I stopped playing…..

Matias H :] says:

so i was first in the game with 25,000 points then my network goes off next game….SAME?!!

Alloxo xoxo says:

So was this clickbait?

Teddy Bear says:

I watch and like all your videos that u post

Tentox_ xD says:

This is so dumb, you distracted them for like a minute and they aren’t there, so sad

DaylightDigital says:

Droids on Kamino let's go!!!

Braedon Martin says:

@anarchyxninja Question about maul… Once he gets a health card. What one are you willing to replace?

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