Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Mace

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Mace

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Mace Windu, Jango Fett, Mustafar and More LEAKED! Join my official Battlefront 2 Discord here: …


Battlefront Knight


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43 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Mace

Ryan Kelley says:

this leak is already confirmed as fake. the future is unclear or already announced. no musti map, no mace, no jango.

Jack Vandermeulen says:

Lies, Deception!

Airik Luna says:

Nope, don't believe it at all.

Alberto Abrego says:

This is a fake leak, its already been confirmed

ThreeDogGaming says:

I'm going to hate myself for saying this on the internet because was all the rage with CoD BO games, but… sigh TECHNICALLY, a zombie Geonosian zombie mode could work when you consider the Clone Wars episode with the Geonosian Queen.

kjell Roskam says:

Who would like geonosian zombies for a geonosian hunt mode?

Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine says:

A suprise to be sure but a welcome one

Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine says:

I sense Lord Vader is in danger

matthew maldonado says:

As Mace Windu is my favorite Jedi I would welcome the news, but realistically if he were added it would have been during the Clone Wars DLC as it makes the most sense for this characters era

Bernie Sanders says:

Geonosian hunt would be awesome. Catacombs should be the map. Night vision for the Geonosians.

darthridick77 says:

I would be perfectly fine if everything in this leak was fake except the Order 66 gamemode.

Cuck Commander says:

All I’ve heard for more than half a year is announcements and news. No actual content. Fail.

Manuel Castaneda says:

Can we get some commandos pls

Smilin Milon says:

Man, I'm so excited. I've been waiting to pop this confetti for days

Princess Leia says:

Hopefully We Get Mustafar!

mickor says:


Nick Alexander says:

If Windu is actually released as a hero I'm going to start playing the game again

Doug Grief says:


j v says:

100% bullshit nothing is coming after clone wars nothing

lew2143 says:

to be fair, i'd rather have it like jango fett only has 1 jetpack ability, like a jetpack trooper, the jetpack boost, and his 2 other abilities will be using his dual pistols, because, jango fett normally went up close and personal, and when in danger boosted away.

Mr. Sizzle says:


Joel Dang says:

It would be cool if the add PLO koon and kit fisto in the game

Glyn Keegan says:

What map is this? 4:36

Matthew Heintz says:

Fix the stamina BullShit for saber heros put it back to infinite blocking, who cares if they infinite block u are able to kill easily

That Boy Killjoy says:

Omg yes Mon Calamari officers! But they have to speak in basic so I can run around shouting "IT'S A TRAP!"

arhickernell says:

I pray this game keeps getting support. Game got so much better after they fixed the progression. I still hope on regularly and play. Fingers crossed

Katie Delaney says:

Oh, Chewbacca is gonna be unstoppable with a health card.

Martin Alexander says:

I dont like sand it gets everywhere. ..

Ragnarok Darkie says:

If there is no Conquest Large and in-and-out Vehicles it won't surface as a popular game.

Jonathan Acosta says:

We need Coruscant.

Goggles Inkling says:

Lel iam so happy that mace might be coming

E Productions says:

Sounds like the DLC we WOULD have had if EA Dice implemented a paid season-style DLC format. The reason I’m not buying battlefield 5 is because they are promising the same “live service” in place of paid seasons that they sold me on Battlfront 2 which have so far been a joke. Thanks for keeping us updated!

five nights at endermans says:

I would like the idea of a starfighter Assault Courasant battle map and a Nabbo plains battle with gungans and the separatist army and maybe hero's like Qui-gon jinn and many other villains and hero's

BlackShogun 27 says:

Coughs on hyperventilation after imagining playing as Jango Fett with two pistols and missiles

K X says:

I knew all along Revenge of the Sith would be Obi-Wan's default appearance. The prequels current state in 2018 is that the majority of the fans recognize clone wars and Revenge of the Sith as good. Nothing else. I actually don't expect Phantom Menace Kenobi at all. Even though that's the skin I would want the most

Nycto Light says:

Ea needs to put 4 players on local coop. Especially for this new so called galactic assault. We need to. See other JEDI and hero characters come out in battle for the mode. Duel mode needs 4 player 2vs2 1v1v1v1our own version of HvV is the perfect reason to have 4 player coop will make colossal improvements on these game modes let ue go all out like the real JEDIs do in the CLONE WARS. They had partners and solo task.

Brandon Bohannon says:

They're not even talking about what to give us for the Solo Blu Ray release yet. You use so much click bait it's not even funny.

WaddyB -33 says:

how about this dice stops all production and work on this game after a few more dlc's after that they start battlefront 3 simply by copy and pasting all heroes from this game an the 2015 battlefront along with all the maps and some of the game modes. they don't sell any special edition crap 80 bucks for nothing no pay to win. that itself would be good but you don't just buy a game that is exactly like the last one. So they add at least 4 new additional maps with 6 new game modes and heroes the community wants. this and monthly updates they got a good game. Oh and they have to add all weapons from battlefront 2015/2017 because they are getting lazy with those. hopefully bf3 is not a sorry excuse for a game.

[IGF] DOOM says:

If we get a server browser and stats I'll eat my shorts

Get Off My Lawn says:

*Battlefront Knight uploads*

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

DarkLordofHistory says:

I would very much like the elimination of cross-era heroes.

s e x y y a m s says:

NOO CAPTAIN REX!!!!!!!1!1!1!1!1

JakeRD says:

The party is over

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