Star Wars Battlefront 2 –

Star Wars Battlefront 2 –

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Geonosis Update, Obi-Wan Kenobi Dialogue and More News! Join my official Battlefront 2 Discord here: …


Battlefront Knight


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24 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront 2 –

marc sanders says:

I feel like we definitely need better hero’s man the villains seem way over powered compared to the hero’s.

Mandalore threethreeone says:

bruh I love Dooku, I can't wait until he gets in the game. The guy who plays him, Christopher Lee is a legend, besides the fact XD

Walt Henard says:

Watching this while waiting for a match to load

Luca Vaughan says:


To Valhalla says:

I wonder if the clone default skin will be the phase one armor with the colors red, yellow ,blue , shiny. Or will it be like the clone wars episode landing at point rain. We're all the clones are in desert camo like the 41st but orange tan and yellow. And the droids would be that dark red and orange. I really want Genososes to be a success.

Mahonri Nielsen says:

Instead of a Wookiee warrior, what about commandos?

Jonathon Mulka says:

Dirt Nap

MONTAN 4977 says:

I need help, sometimes I try to play a game of battlefront 2 before school or sport etc at around 7:00am and I cannot find a match. Is that a thing to do with the time of day not having people playing or is it thier servers?

Andrew Canese says:

[insert hello there comment]

matthew maldonado says:

@ Battlefront Knight…My clone wars choice is not one of them…Mace Windu. I am surprised people have not been requesting this.

A. Smith says:

Mace Windu

andrew hosuer says:

Gen G!

WrathOfScorpion says:

Would love to see a Senator Palpatine Skin

Peter Griffin says:

I don't care how many updates they put out, my games staying uninstalled.

hulk6602smash says:

i dont really have problems with wookies XD i love wookies

Darwin Espinoza says:

I’m excited for new characters but I really am excited for Dooku. I found him one of the most interesting characters out of attack of the clones. It’ll be cool to have a lightsaber wielded also use force lighting. So I’m looking forward to seeing what Dooku can do in battlefront as oppose to anakin, obi wan, and grievous

Aiden Cooper says:

dooku will be cool with a mix of saber and lightning

Josh Hurley says:

Honestly I'm more excited for Dooku than any other new hero.. is it just me?

Deion Mitchell says:

I can't wait to hear Obi's dialogue! I wonder what he'll say against Vader and Palpatine.

jared novak says:

I want dooku the most

Pod The Rod says:

Honestly I really hope that it’s the 2nd battle of geonosis. The 1st would just be an open plain with no cover or anything. Would be completely boring.

savory chex-mix says:

I just want Obi-Wan to be able to say “So uncivilized”

Jayquan Phifer says:

When will conquest mode come out?

Dawson P says:

I’m most excited for dooku idk bout you guys

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