Star Wars Characters Sing “All

Star Wars Characters Sing “All

In honor of May the Fourth, Jimmy re-edits footage from the Star Wars films to make the characters sing “All Star” by Smash Mouth. Subscribe NOW to The …


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


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20 thoughts on “Star Wars Characters Sing “All

kakarot , says:

You never know if you don't DO iT

some boi says:

Rare footage of Shrek in star wars episode 9 2019 (colorized)

eliora davis says:

We should dedicate who ever took the time to do this


Hey now your a Jedi,use the force,to kill kids

And all that anakin was told, that the dark side is your home. So now I'm killing little kids,the dark side Is growing stronger. Couldn't kill my padawan ahsoka. Since she thought that I was already did but my Jedi mind tricks messed with her head. So much to deceive I can't believe that I didn't see obiwans attack coming, now I'm a robotic man and no one loves me not even my fans.

All star parody-

Created by catfish/troll

gaming with evan 361 says:

Rey: fin
Palpatine: ger

Orentis 71 says:

I will like my own comment because nobody else will.

Maximo Cozzetti says:

missed chance to have obiwan saying ''ground'' Sad!

amazingstarwars321 says:


R H says:

imagining the editor watching the movies all over again for every word

five's fire gameplay says:

crying why is this person still unreconized ive never seen more beauty in my life

Abby Sherwood says:

The FINN!!!-ger part always has me dying laughing ?

Adam Pohl says:

When Han said your at 0:26, I'll put there your from I'm an your father

Ovenproof Meteor says:

can i just have this

Dr. Rank says:

Is it too late to do this with Crash Bandicoot characters?

Kayla Montgomery says:

This is Art???

JubJub says:


Tomek S. says:

Now i can die in peace… 60 years later.

Patricia Hörmann says:

So funny

Caleb Rimer says:


Jake Rutigliano says:

Version without music?

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