Star wars clone wars 2008 full movie

Star wars clone wars 2008 full movie

Brutal Nick


29 thoughts on “Star wars clone wars 2008 full movie

Proud OutLoud says:

This fatass slug believes everything he hears lol

Ali Kasan says:

Who is count dooku master?

eethien wong says:

1:28:26 COVER MEH

eethien wong says:

1:28:24 FBI OPEN UP

Louie Smith says:

34:48 LOL

Joshua Resurreccion says:

Woah thank you @Brutal Nick

Ephestas Grimm says:

Get it on YouTube now Why the fuck would I buy it when I can watch for free in beautiful audio and graphic quality?

Golden1_1Dragon says:

Just realized clone wars in it's worst state was better than rebels. It still moves so beautifully

_ SamTheFNaFBoi _ says:

Thanks a lot man

Adam Mzaour says:

50:48 Jedi Warships
Assaj Ventress, 2008

Drago Firethroat says:

Give a shout out to Obi-Wan, who asked for a Palawan for Anakin. Because of that action, we got one of the best Star Wars characters in existence. Ahsoka is a fan favourite up there next to Yoda, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and even Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

Drago Firethroat says:

5:19 Best part of the entire movie, and it isn't even a tenth of an hour in!

Drago Firethroat says:

Yularin! You look so… young… and much more important!

Golden1_1Dragon says:

Ahsoka having that starkiller form since the beginning😁

Ngale Maserumule says:

That clone who punched a droid did not do it like Commander Cody

Cold SCP Adventures says:

Thx For HD

ReverendLuc says:

I actually chose this movie over The Dark Knight in theaters

Rupert Gaukroger says:

Anakins head is huge!

Amitai Zan says:

please post the episodes if you do i will sub

Orangutan Sevgisi says:


Connor Rogers says:

How is this not copyrighted??

Guillermo Martín says:

-Ashoka: (excited) I AM JEDI KNIGHT!
-Anakin: looks at her angry
-Ashoka: Or soon i will be…

7he ruby 6amer says:

34:53 that droid is ust like me (the stupid one)

Guillermo Martín says:

– Is this… legal sir?
– I will make it legal

CJ of 𝕾𝖆𝖓 𝕬𝖓𝖉𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖘 says:

there were 66 comments before i posted mine

Splodgo says:

Obi wan: If there’s a battle Anakin’s probably in the middle of it.

Me: Yep!

Joyce [Jojo2711] says:

This movie is my Childhood in one Hour. It was and is and will be always my favourite Movie ❤ Thank you so much for Posting ^^
And yeah in the time in wich other girls wanted to be Barbie ive wanted to kill some Droids and fight versus Sith ^°^ #FangirlDeath

Sebolivier Transit Movies says:


King of Dragons Acnologia says:

Count Doku sounds like Saruman from lord of the rings

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