Star Wars Episode 9 Emperor

Star Wars Episode 9 Emperor

Today we go over some star wars when it comes to star wars episode 9 by jj abrams, we will be going into some star wars episode 9 spoilers..potential spoilers …




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35 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode 9 Emperor



Ezra Vanmelle says:

Would like to see Palpatine return and try to take control of the First Order, similar to what he did in the Dark Empire comics.

sherman4970 says:

They need to do something for us fans cos they are ruining the stories!!

JL B says:

Mike, you better be right about this ! Cause I looove the character Darth Sidious! Then again I worry about what JJ Abrams will do with this great character.. giving me gray hair..Chewie with Lando… make sense!

Kerric Reeves says:

If if was a fith…. just be entertained and enjoy something you have no input on or influence on making

For all you complainers

Commander Doom says:

would anakin force ghost return

and other lost republic destroyer in the unknown.regions and first order they came to battle

i know the empire has so many destroyers bur others lost and come to destroy first order

Andrew Corbett says:

Episodes 7 to 9 should of been written by fans. Fan versions are the films that sound awesome

Lion Smile says:

Fuck this movie, Disney doesn’t get another chance

Aaron Goshen says:

I think palpatine faked his death. He new how not to die. He said he could cheat death. So whats to say he cheated death. I say bring him back. After all soneone needs to be ruler over kilo ryen

Himora Genma says:

Palpatine and Vader FORCE RAITHS!!!!

MichaelsVids1 says:

Too little too late. They disgraced the character of Luke Skywalker, split up Han & Leia, never gave the original characters ONE SCENE together, nor the honor they deserved before passing the torch. NOW they want to tip a hat to Palpatine and try to pretend it's for legitimate plot reasons? NO. Sadly JJ, KK, & RJ have proven they only use the past to get Butt$ in the $eats$ and then toss them aside as meaningless, so they can push an agenda.

Michael Miller says:

Great video Mike! I've always been a big fan of Emperor Palpatine (Darth Sidious) and totally agree with you that he deserves 'some kind' of cameo here in Episode 9. It's very apparent that this final film in the sequel trilogy has lots of story content and character arc challenges for the writers, directors and producers to be mindful of while it's being filmed and edited together. I wouldn't be bothered if it was either a 3.5 hour film or split into two separate movies. I just want it to deliver, connect all the trilogy arcs together and have a grand ending.

Q says:

That sounds really interesting. My hype for episode 9 is increasing

Terongo_massive says:

Star wars is Dead

Jonathan Hayes says:

Pretty sure Matt Smith is a young Palpatine. Been saying for a while now.

bsaint17 says:

With so much potential and material waiting to be used for these episodes, it's sad that they feel they have to reach backwards to make this series good. It shows that Disney really had no idea what they were doing from the get go. All they saw were $$. Just terrible.

Bill Louis says:

I don’t know Mike this seems kinda boring, unless there is some new villains waiting in the wings. I want to see multiple Jedi and Sith battle it out, let’s take off the training wheels and get going.

M says:

If Rey picks up Vader’s red light saber and brings the Sith back then all will be forgiven. The Last Jedi gets better the more times you watch it. JS (hyper speed projectiles just now becoming an option is pretty unrealistic but at least they did depict it occurring.

Patriot of Justice says:

This sounds pretty interesting and a good idea. That's how I know it's not going to be in Episode 9.

Doctor Dangerd Baskin says:

Have emperor come back and lighting and kill Rey and kylo intimated power and kill Rey and kylo then have started over a new powerful Sith

Terri Kelton says:

More history of Rae and Finn? Is Finn going to be a Jedi?

Tristan Lowe says:

JJ has his wings clipped when directing Ep9. No way he makes a serious movie with classic villains… even if he wants to fix the mess after TLJ, the pay cheque only lands on his door step if he makes a comical, cringe inducing follow up.

MadamMorgan says:

Ok now all of these leaks make perfect sense to me. Make it happen, JJ!

Sean Curran says:

Here’s my comment about what I think:

I know these videos are all complete and utter bullshit, HOWEVER it is still very difficult and time consuming to come up with clickbait titles and write and edit this bullshit.

You are an incredibly industrious bullshit artist, one of admirable scope, I will keep watching and giggling at your work as long as you keep producing them.


Peyton Greer says:

tnt/tbs is having the star wars marathon and i cant even watch any of the movies without thinking about how tlj ruined EVERYTHING!

MrPixelptlk says:

Palpatine could have been the one who secretly figured out the way to cheat death all along (from Plageuis). If he returned, that would be fucking amazing.

I would prefer Plageius though over all other villains. What a waste if they abandon Luke and Plageuis as they end this unplanned, janky sequel trilogy.

Rafael Moura says:

oh please…pleeeeaaasseeeee! bring Palpie back

oceantrick says:

Disney shows us that they love inclusiveness, I think they need to make Palpatine LGBTQ. That would be the big twist of ep 9.

AmOs AnOn says:

Sooooo Convoluted at this point!
RIP Star Wars!

STIGMA custom collectibles says:

Yes…The Darkness calls Palpatine from the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy. New Sub.

John Pocklington says:

Yes Rey being related to Palpatine would be wonderful. It's about time she had a shock or two. ?

Super Georgia says:

Just one year one more year omg I can't wait

Ryan Avedisian says:

That would be cool to see Palpatine return in episode 9.

Varangian Guard says:

Wtf, then was was the point of the original trilogy, or even the prophecy of the chosen one? The chosen one was supposed to end the Sith which he did by killing palpatine. This is stupid. Also palpatine would be like 110 years old by now.

Heavy Jay says:

What if she is a Palpatine clone

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