Star Wars Episode 9 Ending

Star Wars Episode 9 Ending

Today we go over some star wars news when it comes to star wars episode 9 and the star wars episode 9 ending. With jj abrams currently hard at work on this …




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32 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode 9 Ending



Lo Kai says:

Bring Qui Gon Jinn back!?

Eric Hodge says:

I want Rey and Kylo to switch sides, maintaining balance.

Indyhoma Girls says:

Anakin basically killed his wife who had done nothing to him. Whether people want to admit it or not Han did neglect Ben. so…. why is Vader redeemable and Ben not?

Titanium Curlee says:

Kylo deserves a redemption and a better future

ned johnson says:

Star Wars fans : prequels were awful!
Also Star Wars fans : ep IX will be great cause it has prequel content!

MrJay7777 says:

I'll be curious if, and only if they bring Luke back ALIVE … otherwise, the movies that started when I was 7 and were great until the flaming garbage pile that was called the last jedi will end forever…

Lance Dunnigan says:

Idk how they are going to pull this off… I just feel very unsatisfied with this trilogy. I would feel a lot better if they did episode 10 as the end of the Skywalker saga. We need more of a build up to this.

Paul Thomas says:

Hopefully Adam Driver his not wearing his hair like that when Ep9 comes out? He looks kinda Dorky now !

0326Ghost says:

They (Disney, Kennedy, Johnson, Abrams, the employees at Lucas film) have destroyed the films who gives a fuck about this butchered franchise anymore. The Skywalker story should NEVER die! If they want fade Luke off into hiding & have his twin sons com back later in the films you can do so much bouncing around eras of that franchise & continuing. But Disney, Kennedy, Johnson, & Abrams have shit on the films & fans. FUCK they have stolen everything from the originals its over unless Lucas himself gets it back or has all they say so again.

Jackie Mclean says:

Hope they all die, Disney have destroyed Star Wars.

PJ Rose says:

Sounds like there will be too many characters in this movie. They're trying to clean up the mess that Rian Johnson made with the Last Jedi. How on earth are they going to fix this? I have been a Star Wars fan for over 40 years and as far as I'm concerned The Last Jedi doesn't even exist.

minecraftplayer says:

Question if episode 9 is the end of the Skywalker saga and Kylo is technically a skywalker would it be possible that he will die in episode 9 since its the end of the Skywalker family

Brian Kramer says:

Mark my words…. he'll turn to the light side, it will end with Rey's death, and flash forward 20 years with him looking at the screen as he moves his hood back and says: Welcome to the New Order. Which will be the title of the movie Star Wars Episode 9 the New Order

Jorge L Dejesus Sanchez says:

Redemption: Kylo goes to the Lucasfilm offices in St Francisco and slay Kathleen Kennedy and her moronic troops and then goes after JJ and Ryan and slay them too….for force and country!

Eric Rawlings says:

They have to do some twist that’s different. Maybe there will be new sith or more evil characters that threaten Kylo and make him turn to the light.

Alex M says:

I BELIEVE in J.J's words because he knows and remembers fans boycott over episode Vll back in 2015 :/ J.J can learn from his little mistakes :3 not like this cunt Rian Jokeson who did not respect Luke and other SW stuff at all :/

Fred Pilch says:

Look at it this way Darth Vader killed Padme and he turned back to the light, so its possible. I think they will battle and then call for a truce, once and for all.

Nate says:

Maybe it'll end like Lord of the Rings lol

Joan Oviedo says:

Mike, what is your opinion on the time frame between ending principal photography and the release date? Original trilogy films and prequel trilogy films would be almost 3 yrs in production. TFA took 2 yrs and TLJ took 1 yr and a half. Do you think that a film of this magnitude should go into post production with just 11 months from release? I understand that there are technological advances but at the same time, this is the movie that culminates the saga. Im sure there will be ground breaking effect innovations implemented. Furthermore, it will likely be jammed with CG environments and battles. I feel like a December 2019 release is too early. I would be good (for the production itself) if it is released in May 2020. I would hate to see rushed effects and acting. Again, we need to remember that this is the film that ends the Skywalker story. It should not be rushed.

Andrea F says:

So I have a question. Please be civil, I'm just generally curious. Are the people that don't want a redemption arc for Kylo Ren the same people that were upset that they made a Han Solo film and/or boycotted the Han Solo film? I mean he is a beloved character, but apparently people were upset that a Han Solo film was made because they "never asked for it". Also, even though he is a beloved character, people boycotted the film because they didn't like The Last Jedi? It makes no difference to me, I'm just curious. I watch movies for entertainment and as an escape from reality.

Nicola Frivola says:

I hope they go for a more realistic ending/aftermath where everyone sees shockingly the horrors of war instead of celebrating all of the sudden as if it's New Year's Eve playing drums on ST helmets and copulating on the Falcon. I also think that Kylo's death sounds too mimic and predictable: redemption and death is ROTJish; villainous death is too brutal.

Irene Taras says:

Redemption and joining the Resistance to train the next generation of Jedi are two completely different things. I believe Kylo Ren regrets killing his father. I believe he won't find the satisfaction he thought he'd find by being in the Dark Side. He is a conflicted character, both Light and Dark. And he needs to find a balance between the two.

josh lomax says:

l bet it has something to do with Rey and the new jedi training school.

charles jone says:

Hopefully, we find out that this is a different Star Wars universe than 1 thru 6 and it gets Destroyed by a super masses Black Hole!! AkA Rian Johnson mouth or Head!!

charles jone says:

Of course, it will be better than the Last Jedi a movie of me cutting my ass hair for 2 hr is better than the Last Jedi!!

Bob Betts says:

This movie is going to end with the first order becoming a legit governing body, leaving planets free to govern themselves. I believe Rey will turn Ben or kill him and then this will give the power back to the people. One scene will include all troopers taking off their helmets. Snoke will be revealed as Plagious and the creator of Anakin. Snoke will be dead and not come back. Ezra and Thrawn will be in this movie. Ezra will be in the unknown regions training new Jedi and fighting Thrawn and the knights of Ren, this is why we did not see them in the first two movies, Snoke had them tracking Ezra and the new Jedi he has been training. Thrawn and Hux will try to keep the first order from becoming legit government, Ben/Kylo and Rey will have to take them out. …. on and on and on. Leia will live, Luke is dead but happy, Poe will die, Rose and Finn find out who Finn really is and they live happily ever after. Maz Kanada hooks up with the Lando, Chewy will go home to his family and this will be another ending scene. Rey will keep the falcon and either keep it or give back to Ben if Ben survives.

Terry Reed says:

Doesn’t make any sense since this is the end of the skywalker triology and kylo has that mighty skywalker blood, I bet he dies and rightly so…

Dracarys * says:

Kylo needs to die. Unless he turns to the light side.

Kathleen Kennedy Sexist Evil Witch Of Satan says:

It will end with Poe and Finn’s wedding party. Lando and Lobot will be holding hands and Reylo will be kissing each other. Ghost Luke will be drinking monster milk next to them. The end.

Alex Deatcu says:

I have a bad feeling about this!This movie, fail it will!??

annalivia1308 says:

Luke himself said "Strike me down in anger and I'll always be with you. Just like your father." and recall how Luke said it. Key.

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