Star Wars Episode 9 HUGE Prequel Trilogy Cameos! Potential Spoilers

Star Wars Episode 9 HUGE Prequel Trilogy Cameos! Potential Spoilers

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to star wars episode 9 by director jj abrams, we will be going into some star wars episode 9 spoilers..potential …




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50 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode 9 HUGE Prequel Trilogy Cameos! Potential Spoilers



g18k77 says:

An entire movie of flashbacks. Great.

Avi Fine says:

its a sith holocron. they are triangular [tetrahedral? or pyramid shaped], whereas jedi holocron are cubic.

J J says:

Some Jedi had a rare force ability to "see" history of an object. Looks like Rey has that.

Rishi says:

I always love the Star Wars prequel trilogy movies no matter what.

ElCheDeNy 94 says:


April Ripka says:

I think it is multiple holocrons

Erik Dragåshaug says:

If it's enough for Rey to simply touch a holocron to open it, she is once again a Mary Sue. Because in Rebels, Ezra has to be calm and meditate to open it.

El Magnifico says:

I got to tell you it's getting harder and harder for me to say no denying and support the boycott it looks like JJ is throwing everything in there may I got to tell you I'm getting excited this is true and they have all those cameos fantastic Ezra Bridger is in there phenomenal if I Ahsoka is in there epic and colossal Master Luke alive phenomenal and wonderful and having a lightsaber battle with kylo Ren awesome

John Zhou says:

I see star wars episode 9 news from mike zeroh, I click

Kaelani15 Tempra says:

And then at the end we would see a reunion of a big family but they are separated in three groups first group original trilogy 2nd group prequel and 3rd is sequel trilogy

Kaelani15 Tempra says:

And then at the end we would see a reunion of a big family but they are separated in three groups first group original trilogy 2nd group prequel and 3rd is sequel trilogy

Kaelani15 Tempra says:

That would be cool if Rey touches something in Episode 9 I mean I can imagine that.

shannon kinnaird says:

I don't get how you can praise TFA for being a clone of ANH, like yeah the pacing is good because it's EXACTLY THE SAME AS ANH LOL

Arrda Herseg says:

Mike, you're my favorite, but get off the gas with what you don't like about episode 8!! It was nice having a movie not follow the conformity of the saga. The same shit happens in every movie, can't we try something different without all the crying?

Shore Knightseer says:

If JJ can right the ship, and fix all the damage Crian Johnson did in TLJ, I would be most pleased. Hell, if he makes it a great movie with a decent story line, I wouldn't mind if he threw in a Jar Jar cameo that leads into a Jar Jar stand alone trilogy.

Jonathan Hayes says:

The World Between Worlds is filled with triangles.

Jonathan Hayes says:

Sifo Dyas backstory? Maybe not…

Lloyd G. W. Wynn says:

Barriss Offee would be a good choice. She was the Jedi that new they were heading down the wrong path.

Alex Deatcu says:

The big thing I miss from the prequels are the lightsaber duels!In this trilogy the lightsaber duels are like knight duels with long-swords!No combos and no force use during duels!!

otolith5 says:

and traditions of wipe transitions.

Brother Bluto says:

I hope the focus is partly about Rey actually learning more about the origins of the Jedi/Sith and the force and learning from the mistakes of the past. Something Ruin Johnson should have focused more on instead of a stupid casino scene.

bryan wee says:

Need more blood and epic battles please

Shadowmoth says:

A Jedi holocron would be a cube.
A sith holocron would be a triangle.
Rey is likely using the force ability called psychometry.
Or possibly an untrained version of flow walking.
If she is ising psychometry on a sith holocron that would be bad.

Tee Rex says:

Mike zeeeeeeeeeeeero

Brickticks says:

Yep, sith holocron, what else? Although, which one is it? And how would it have all that data stored within it, considering there are no references to any sith holocrons in any of the first six films? Could it be Palpatine's personal sith holocron, used by him as a sort of diary? Ohh, I'm tingling in my Core-plate!!!!! Now then, where can I get a holocron?

GreyForce11 TK421 says:

If something like this plays out then it is fine but seems like nothing from TLJ is needed for this proposed plot. Why did Rian Johnson waste Ep8 so badly?

Randhis Ramiah says:

There is HUGE! In every video title

Leo leo says:

Star wars 9. The return of jar jar

Cora Schexnayder says:

I. Love seeing flashbacks (:

Film Fillet says:

I can’t be a hundred percent sure, but I think the triangular object is a wet floor sign.

션소주Sean says:


Marcelo Picosse says:

Triangular is sith

Eric Gonzalez says:

Maybe people should watch episode 9 again. But they should watch clone wars, rebels as well as empire and return of the jedi. I find it has a lot of references to all of the above. Only thing I did not like is that I feel it brins closure to somethings people would expect to see in episode 9. Like snoke's death. At least it's not like Bay's Transformers ball drop.

Theoret1cal says:

Dexter BETTER make a cameo.

Joe Avitable says:

..i have a question for you about Empire Strikes Back. Can you reply so I can ask you the question???

Garth Hader says:

Rey uses the power of psychometry which was used intentionally by Quinlon Voss.

Mark Monk says:

What Rey could experience is something similar to what Ezra experiences in Rebels and that is the lesson about sacrifice. It starts in episode 1 where qui gon sacrifices himself to make sure anakin gets his jedi training. In episode 2 we know that Dooku wont kill anakin because he knows what role he plays. In the episode 3 instance, rey learns that obi wan cant bring himself to kill anakin. He cant make that sacrifice. Obiwan redeems himself by taking that big leap. Anakin faces the same situation obiwan did in #3 and lets luke live in #5 and takes out the emperor in #6. Han plays the sacrifice role in #7 because he has embraced his family's destiny leading to luke in episode 8. Its in episode 9 that rey needs figure out her inportance… is sacrifice enough?

Roger Andrews says:

Aren't triangular holocrons sith and square jedi.

Adam Hall says:

I assume this upcoming movie will include clips from all the other "Star Wars" movies.

cave man says:

sad. have to put parts from other movies to draw people in.

JStarStar00 says:


Davy Jones-Locker says:

Well, this just sounds like nostalgia for the sake of it. Will this Episode 9 be any good in and of itself though, or merely include aspects of JJ's cheap reliance on nostalgia? If this has any truth to it, still sounds like JJ does not get it.

James Brennison says:
Shnickers123 says:

When Ray touched in Annakins light saber, In the force awakens, she became pregnant with Annakins baby…who is the boy on Cando Bite in Episode 8…I mean RJ messed it up so bad…let’s just roll with that…

Space Fish says:

Triangular object is a Sith Holocron that is canon

Martin Wells says:

Star wars episode 9…The chosen one

Mike Lofky says:

better than TLJ

Captain rex CT- 7567 says:

Oh they can do that but they can't show us clone troopers right funny they should show the one where I helped one of the Jedis escaped

Martin Wells says:

Ok this doesnt make sense why rey would see all these fights UNLESS this is a worlds between worlds moment….she finds ezra bridger roughed up and old…he guides her through to get this holocron much like an indian jones the last crusade moment. Maybe she loses heavily against kylo or kylo is defeated against snoke/plaguese or hux and first order…she finds the holocron and as she touches it she has all this fights from prequels ect riggt upto luke and vader on cloud city…luke has his hand chopped off..falls…rey pulls him through….this is where the cgi comes in and young de aged luke…they both exchange whats happened…luke goes back through……last jedi comes and he stays alive to either save kylo or defeat him.

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