Star Wars Episode 9 Plot Leak!

Star Wars Episode 9 Plot Leak!

Today! lets go over star wars when it comes to star wars episode 9 currently being directed by jj abrams, we will be going into some star wars episode 9 …




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48 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode 9 Plot Leak!



Evan Connors says:

Rey is a Mary Sue

TH YIP says:

I think that this movie is going to have a lot of deleted scenes!

George Harry says:

Last Jedi was better than force awakens.

Jakeem Thunder says:

The only fans left are twilight reylo fangirls that are going to be disappointed.

Gordon Smith says:

I really don’t care about Star Wars anymore. Killing of Han and Luke i mean just…..what were they thinking?

Fer Cuscuela Lopez says:

Thank the maker! There’s going to be x-wings in that thing!

Michael Rodriguez says:

If Hux is the mole, then people will argue that's the reason he was such a joke in TLJ.

Captain rex CT- 7567 says:

I don't know but I know this is at 2 years ago or yeah somewhere around 2 years ago they said that they're going to bring clone Storm Troopers when is that ever going to happen they didn't mention the force awakens that one part War Commander hux talks about that and he is most definitely right clones can name your talkin about some cheap crap Imperial enlisted Troopers they can't even name their sloppy and they can't even keep a single space station in space and we all know that for sure plus due to death stars that got destroyed and out a freaking Starkiller base that didn't make any sense whatsoever and a girl that's barely becoming a Jedi but she hardly even is a Jedi to me but I hope they do bring clone Stormtroopers

Matt ? says:

Sick of these ‘potential spoilers’ every video. You no sweet nothing about EP 9 just like you knew nothing of EP 8. Come on my guy.

naredayt says:

Hux is Callus #HuxFalcrum

Brother Bluto says:

Don't ruin the Super Bowl with this garbage!

Thatgamer pro97 says:

Don't boycott this film , y'all were wrong about solo and potentially ruined sequals to it and More Maul

Thatgamer pro97 says:

I Want a dark film , with kylo beating Rey for once and a part 2

BAR MAG says:

You have a point, here, MIke. I mean, the kids in the unknown régions have the Force but only as children and then they "lose it", But what if there's SOMETHING that prevent adults to use the Force and therefore if Kylo Ren is in those régions, then he wouldn't be able to use it. Or maybe, being from a family BORN from the Force, he can use the Force but the bond can't activate with Rey? Unless those kids from the Unknown Régions, the "Sky Walkers" used to navigate this part of the galaxy, can help with the bond?

Oh, great update, there, I hope it happens, it would be another hint that there is Something wrong in the Unknown Régions.

tubby turtle says:

The original plot leak was based on Colin Trevorrow's story board as stated on Reddit. It is not JJ's story.

TLJ shows there is no more Reylo as Ben Solo is dead, and Snoke is very muck alive and well because he created all the mind links Rey & Kylo had including the one at the end of the film when he was suppose to be dead.

Snoke was force projecting the whole time, to COMPLETE Kylo's training as he said he was going to do in TFA.

Snoke created Rey.
Qira is Rey's mother who was Snoke's assassin and lied to him to save her CHILD.

Keri Russell is playing Qira in multiple flashbacks from Rey's birth, to being hidden Jakku, and being CHASED and killed by young Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren.

k96 says:


john halofreak117% says:

Ezra will be in this film

Chris M says:

Idk man, RJ left such a mess. I kind of dont care too much about Rey/Kylo as much as I'd like to see Luke as the main character.

Jesse the Fam says:

Mind is blown

tikifaceisalive says:

Star Wars avatar cross over.

Graham Jones says:

No Reylo, no babies, no force bonds, FFS!!! Let’s have proper depth and contrast for the last film. Send us out and on with new Jedi and a rebirth of the Sith. It’s what Star Wars is about. The good, the bad, the grey areas, the light the dark, and the space battles. If we look at George’s films, they had a point to them, even the prequels, which told us how the galaxy had got to such a dark place. Even the Force Awakens seemed to take us where we needed to get to, for the story to continue. Then IT happened,and we went nowhere for over two hours of cinema. We now need to have purpose to this movie, or we are left at an end point, without a conclusion. Just fix it, JJ.

Jake Wolven says:
Dales Honda Garage says:

Hux is no way a mole. He took too much pleasure destroying the New Republic in TFA.

Jose German says:

Bring back the BYE!

Chester Pesko says:

Mike should do a video on how Vader morph fades into Anakin's shadow from ROTS in Rogue One after he walks away from a choker in recovery Krennic. Also, Vader's "assistant" in the black cloak has purple clothing on underneath. Think ROTJ and The Emperor's throne room. #SomebodyCallTheVatican

SaurianShinobi says:

What if Hux isn’t the mole? What if it turns that Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra have been helping Hux out bring down the First Order from within utilizing the old Fulcrum alias?

Spiffy Turtle says:

Let's get Mikey. he likes everything

Chester Pesko says:

Mike "The River Jordan" Zeroh.

stephen says:

aw yes, the grain of salt thickens. haha i dig it..

Dylan F says:

Honestly, I’d like to see hux as a mole. I’d be sort of cool like Kallus’ arc in rebels

Evan Crissinger says:

Why would the 1st Order be underground? WTF are they afraid of? Why are they HIDING? This story is weak and has NO GREAT CONFLICT AT ALL! Star Wars is dead

Matty Pooh says:

SPOILER ALERT!!!! Rey beats Kylo, just like she did in the previous two films…WOW, what a climax!

rosie Edwards says:

I hope that Kylo and Rey both survive as they are the of Star Wars especially if they have children

TheLeatheryman says:


Unless you want to destroy Star Wars forever

terrywest111 says:

All this news sounds awesome. I can't wait to see what becomes of this Force Bond between Kylo and Rey.

Robin Torres says:

A Pod of Purrgils Appear

Alex M says:

IT all sounds nice but i do not believe that Hux would help the ressistance :/ More likely he will try to help his own first order to lure the ressistance into a trap in the unknown regions

Bethany Thompson says:

What if the mole is actually Kylo, and he and Rey planned this whole thing to take Hux /first order down??? It would surprise everyone, and make sense of their relationship.

Yann Dionne says:

I have a feeling JJ will not dissapoint!

ThunderHumpingTurtleDuck Interloper says:

Type in Rey 34rule in Google and you find better stuff with digital animated Rey/Daisy Ridley getting eaten out by Luke Skywalker. ??

Guy The Guardian says:

The Concept of Hux being a mole gives me star wars rebels vibes. At the end of Season 3 Thrawn finds out Kalus is the mole in the empire.

AcrossTheStars says:

I prefer the other leak that said their forcebond has actually strengthened. I like the idea of them having been able to communicate and grow in their relationship since Ep8. If Reylo is endgame and I believe it is, then they need all the time they can get together.

hawkboy 123 says:

Did snoke not connect them in that piece of crap movie

Geek Chorus says:

I think the one helping out the resistance will be none other than Thrawn attempting to make his comeback by having them do the Dirty Work of overthrowing Ren before ultimately betraying them as well. I think Richard E Grant will play him. I think Hux will be nothing more than a red herring for us to think he's the one behind it.

bob Barrett says:

Episode 9: Star Wars Its Finally Over. Star Wars isnt dead to me, Disney Star Wars is. Can they maybe see if Universal or anybody else might want to take over the franchise? It sure would be nice to see another REAL Star Wars movie again someday.

Rishi says:

Poe Dameron: We are the spark that will light the fire that will burn the embers that will ignite the flame that will initiate the blaze that will incinerate the inferno that will cremate the First Order.

Ruxan ` says:


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