Star Wars Episode 9 Rey’s NEW

Star Wars Episode 9 Rey’s NEW

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to star wars episode 9 by director jj abrams when it comes to the character of rey and rey’s new lightsaber.




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Darth Vader says:


Shawn Gilbert says:

Yea it's simple she stole the blue one broke it and will go back and still the red crystal luke wore for the other side if she can't find his green one to steal

Fer Cuscuela Lopez says:

If this double bladed red/blue ridiculousness is true… they would be even contradicting their own new and also ridiculous canon where the cristal “bleeds” when someone turns to the dark side… how do you keep the blue part blue? Nonetheless it will look like something she bought on Target… how are those atrocities called??? The sh*tty thing that allows kids to combine and create awful designs of lightsabers? Nobody bought those, their piling up everywhere…

I think the only way a double lightsaber can look good is if it uses one color. Keep it simple, and please… leave the Skywalker hilt and cristal alone…

Get your own sh•t Rey! You can do it all, so build your own stuff… I mean come on… you bypassed the Falcon’s compressor in 5 seconds!!!!!

Lance Dunnigan says:

Wtf a shorter side on a double bladed saber… don't do that lol

Wyatt Stone says:

Why might hey Mike I enjoyed the video about Rey's new lightsaber but having a double lightsaber would not be exciting at all I don't care if it was 5 cars 5 colors a red and a blue lightsaber would be interesting but it's still not look Skywalker and these movies were supposed to be about the end of the Skywalker Saga and if you don't have Luke Skywalker you have nothing I mean Ashley the movies were based on a book about George Lucas The Adventures of Luke Skywalker not the ventures of Rey and kylo ren I have a hard time believing that Rey is a Jedi a Padawan yes most definitely not power does not dictate a Jedi Force Jedi knows the force and his powerful yes but without Jedi training and discipline this puts me in a very dangerous position a really seasons Sith Lord could push really get the best of me get the best of Ray have another Jedi appears and they don't use Luke Skywalker they might as well take the film out and crap on it I don't get excited when I see new characters go at it because I've been wanting to see Luke Skywalker bring order to the Galaxy I would love to see Luke and Rey at the end of the movie Training New Jedi I would love to see you Finn become a Jedi I can't believe they can't get their act together with these Star Wars move episode 7 was a good movie not a great movie but good it got excited Here Comes Luke Skywalker again find out that they're afraid of Luke Skywalker because he will overshadow the new characters too late he overshadowed them already Victor says of the Star Wars movies was due to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo Chewbacca Princess Leia artoo-detoo C-3PO and all the rest of the Star Wars heroes I was dismayed when I saw Han Solo murder that was symbolic of killing the spirit of the Star Wars movie when they didn't treat Luke with respect and disrespected love Leia and all the rest of the heroes oh the bad guys are coming all all the old characters are getting killed off why because that's what Disney does what happened to Disney they used to love to tell a good story why are they getting so political emasculate can't you don't even mess with the other characters to raise yourself higher than other words you don't will someone in order to make yourself look good it only makes you look rotten it makes you look bad are women better than men know or men better than women know equal he made us all equal until we see that we're equal and not better than one another we continue to have these problems especially with movie like Star Wars this was clearly a story of good versus evil not man versus woman Leia Princess layers one of the toughest guys I know and a good leader of the Rebellion hun Chewbacca and and Luke Skywalker or great allies Leia then it turns out Luke is Leia's brother that's wonderful and they go on to win today to win the day of they don't bring Luke Skywalker back to life and they don't give Luke respect and give him a melee part then they lied to the fans we're going to give you a good movie I'm going to try to make up for the things that went wrong any batting movie 1 things that went wrong is Luke Skywalker's Wars belittle was treated like I don't know it wasn't Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker did not appear in episode 8 Hamilton played somebody else kind of lift layout in the hole a Princess Leia with no help hanh dong Han Solo gun Han Solo and Luke Skywalker gone REI are you supposed to be being trained by Luke Skywalker Harley no Jedi training and we are to expect that she's going to come out in this other movie and be a Jedi she's just learning how to use the force she may be powerful but she has not been trying and it would be nice to see Luke Skywalker kick some ass one little bitty faxing one small flexing fight scene one little fight scene from Luke Skywalker and he dies that's a slap in the face for every real Star Wars fan or any Star Wars fan. I said I had a potential for being together movie but it didn't give any progression of the characters Aaron apparently learn some new stuff from from stoke but even he but anyway long story short with Outlook Skywalker Ray just another Rey's just another lightsaber wielding Padawan I like Ray and I don't know about this thing about I saw so is Ray going to get killed long story short bring back Luke Skywalker let's have a real Star Wars movie and whip out 10 11 and 12

games craft 404 says:

Just to quench my star wars thirst for the time. I will know more when the movie comes out.

The GreyJedi2112 says:

it will be a pink 18 dildo that she will use to beat toxic males into submission

Jason Otjens says:

The gray Jedi is a intergation of both the light and dark side. The color gray = balance. This is the thing that luke was taking about. So the red and the bule combo lightsaber would show that. Ray using both sides of the force for the intention of what's right. The Sith and the Jedi are the same if you think about beacuse they used the force for their own selfish agendas. When Rey uses the force as for what's right not for unfortunately what she wants. Hopefully they will reveal that she is the Grey Jedi. regionally was supposed to be Luke Skywalker. Because he was seen in the color gray but its not. And he was continuously to the whole movie and astral projection. Not just waiting for a kylo ren. This actually it's just a theory that I came up with after reading the Star Wars comic books and all the Star Wars books and watching all the movies. But all that Disney cartoons for Star Wars are starting to put out gray Jedi's .

Orlando Outlaw says:

wtf?! two different colors? gfy disney

Shadowmoth says:

A double bladed lightsaber with a shorter back end was a bladebuilder option with the lightsaber toys last year.

Henry Caceres says:

It would be nice to have a double lightsaber about but however the color should be purple and green not red

nelson21570 says:

It would be stupid 2 different color light saber.I would Prefer her to be a Jedi Sentinel with a double bladed Yellow saber

Andy Prime says:

Meh double bladed saber was done in the 90s. I actually liked Kylo's saber. But a double bladed saber is pretty impractical for fighting, you can't do the same moves with a staff like she did in tfa.

Ed Flores says:

That b#tch's character arc needs to be fixed before anyone gives a fvck about her b#tch stick.

XxPrincexx the 2nd says:

1 side red and 1 side blue?

ThatDeviousClub says:

Just keep it single bladed

Jelly78676 says:

Blue, green, and red are monotonous. Give me a silver lightsaber! Orange, cyan, yellow, gold, turquoise, there is a whole freaking rainbow out there to use. “Well, crystals only come in those colors.” Really? What about Mace’s purple one? Rocks come in all shapes and sizes; surely the crystals do too?

KingOne says:

Double lightsaber color white or gold.

Buck Mountain Taxidermy says:

It'd be cool if Rey can handle a duel saber like Darth Maul!!

Anhedonia ** says:

I want a golden double bladed stable lightsaber if nothing else 😁

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