Star Wars Episode 9 Split Into

Star Wars Episode 9 Split Into

Lets go over some star wars when it comes to star wars episode 9 by jj abrams, we won’t be going into any star wars episode 9 spoilers per say, however going …




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39 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode 9 Split Into



Roger Kucich says:

Episode 9 is the last movie of the Skywalker final Trilogy

Roger Kucich says:

All of Star Wars are just one part of the movie it is not two parts of the movie it is just one movie

Wolfgang Stelzhammer says:

Hey Ryan Johnson even more subverted our expectation about seeing the second part of a trilogy. He made it possible that TLJ is the second film in a trilogy of 4 movies in total by wating screen time with nonsesical plot. Who had thought of this genius move by him. (sarcasm)

Matthew Ashbrook says:

If only Ruin Johnson hadn't wasted a FULL THIRD of this trilogy….

podcastbard says:

Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy did a trilogy of five books. So, it's been done before.

podcastbard says:

Model Kylo on Jason in Legends, but then again Jason turned to the dark side for his Daughter. Passion has been key to the Skywalker line in cannon.

maxx T says:

Harry Potter split their final film into two, so I don't think it will hurt Star Wars if they did it also. Disney has a lot of money invested in the Star Wars franchise, and if splitting the final movie into two will help their investment then I think they should consider it.

And the Machine says:

Honestly it needs two parts to save itself..

one thus come says:

So..part 9 1/2 ?

Adam Radoncic says:

Oh god please no, it won’t work at all… For so many reasons it will not work.

Jack Bingle says:

It would have to be episode ix and x…

Alex Stewart says:

prolonging the pain is a mistake. end this trilogy so we can forget it, its useless characters and move on.

EchoSpark 267 says:

In my opinion, TLJ can be forgivable but only if JJ really makes a good good movie

Simon Naylor says:

Start the Trilogy with 9, make 10, and 11. Ignore 7 & 8. Just start making them good now and make three of them that work together without sucking.

Rick Guell says:

This just popped into my head…If 9 opened with a slight flashback in the first person perspective of Luke, waking up into the realm of a force ghost. Looking around at his hands, getting used to the feeling. No words. And then cut scene…. jump to the current time and story starts. Then we have luke throughout his parts of the movie as a force ghost. THEN….in an ending showdown between him and whatever villain he ends up fighting (kylo etc.), after becoming enraged at luke, a light saber comes swinging towards force ghost luke only for him to ignite his "force ghost lightsaber" BUT, the blades SURPRISINGLY clash together. As they crackle and spark together, while the Force Theme dramatically plays, luke slowly enters back into the physical realm. Doing what no jedi has ever done, mastered the force to be able to physically return….. wow, that would be cool.

Ryan Avedisian says:

This movie should not be split into two parts Mike cause thats how all the other star wars movies are.

stephen says:

if they even consider doing this, i hope it ends up fucking great. or we'll just get like a 3hour movie.. haha

Marcos Martins says:

Wishful thinking mate… Not gonna happen… Unfortunately

Matthew Lovdahl says:

Force Awakens and The Last Jedi felt more like the first movie in the trilogy. Last Jedi never had a second movie in a trilogy feel as it never built characters up and ended lots of ongoing stories with no bang for our buck

Brandon Cable says:

This isn’t going to happen because Disney and Lucasfilm KNOW this WILL piss off the fans!

Michael s says:

I'm happy with a 2 parts movie. Make it so TLJ was a manipulation by Snoke as she was captured on her way to Luke. This way you can explain TLJ but as it would not reference anything that happened as fans we can choose to discard TLJ.


They should definately make it a two-parter. TLJ can be fixed with Part 1. Part 2 could be the final chapter and conclusion of the Skywalker saga. This can be fixed. Warts and all, remember how happy most of us were with TFA? We liked the new characters. I even put Kylo Ren on my Christmas tree. We were curious about the Knights of Ren, and thought we'd learn more about them in the next movie. Well, we didn't. THAT could be the starting point to make a scarier Kylo Ren. They need to develop the Knights! Why is Kylo their "Master"? Who are they in relation to Luke? We STILL don't know. Want a scarier Kylo? Have his training completed by SOMEONE we've seen before. Anyone. Heck, bring Anakin back, and have him force ghost into Vader. Or, have him RESURRECTED as Vader. Want to scare the crap out of the galaxy? Bring back it's most feared oppressor and symbol of The Empire. Maybe Kylo could summon him by playing the theme to "It's a Small World" backwards on Mustafar during a full moon or lunar eclipse! Keep him on the Dark Side, and have them be the villans. Fans would LOVE IT. Of course, Hayden Christiansen as Vader. Frankly, I say keep it going, and keep making Star Wars movies. TLJ can be forgiven.

Rishi says:

Don't split Episode 9 into two movies, that's fucking disgusting.

Eric White says:

Yeah Kylo is not an Intimidating character, they should move his character to something different in the SWU or kill him off. I think why they cast him in the first place was because he looks like a guy who a woman can beat up and push around.

Gungan says:

No splitting. I want this fiasco over already.

Kylo was only intimidating for the first 2 min he was on screen in TFA.

Then he turns into a whiny millenial.

I'm technically a millennial too, and I'm so sick of the way other people of my generation act.

Daniel Ponce says:

I would be ok with both an EP IX and an EP X, but from a business perspective it is unlikely to happen since the savants at Disney must be hoping against hope right now that IX does not bomb at the box office.

Patrick Magnusohn says:

Man I keep forgetting to unsubscribe this guy. He's still jerking off to this sjw nonsense that has become star wars?

Edd Williams says:

So if in part 1 Luke is a rubbish ghost and Leia obviously dies, Lando may die because depressing death of old people seems to be an obsession in this trilogy. Who is going to see part 2?? Surly they are risking a massive flop if it’s about these new 1 dimensional characters not many people care about?

Nathaniel Manzi says:

when i was a kid and the prequels came out.. i thought… now we need one more trilogy and it will be perfect!!!!!

so much for that.

A dude's thoughts says:

Maybe they can fix Kylo,but I feel they have ruined certain elements of him. How will he suddenly be able to beat Ray now?

Krd1129 says:

Episode 9 – Star Wars: The Force Apologizes

Auke Van Den Brug says:

I hope Lucas film does this option

ari bergeron says:

I don't care if they make it 8 parts or a 5 hour movie, just do it right and tie EVERYTHING together in a magical way that none of us would have ever imagined. Give Luke his justice, don't rehash crap and make this an epic movie that generations to come will cite as an example of proper film making. Use this as an example Professors will talk about in screenwriting classes like they do Lucas!

RocknRoll Suicide says:

Solo delayed to allow Part 2 😎

Trevor Hirsch says:
dek says:

Blah blah bla..

placid renegade says:

I'm afraid the boycott will be fully operational when episode nine arrives

ita hatta says:

if they really do that, ill burn the whole cinema down…….my 55years old aunt said " it is so long to wait for the good guy to win"……seriously guys, the 1st movie was released many years before i was born and i am nearing menopause and still no clue when i can get it over with…….please dont tell me i need to come out of my grave just to watch the final saga.

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