Star Wars! Ezra Bridger in

Star Wars! Ezra Bridger in

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to star wars episode 9 by JJ Abrams, we will be going into some star wars episode 9 spoilers…potential …





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Rasmus Nilsen-Bie says:

nah ezra is older than luke but if i would have to guess hes in his 50-60's

william dechant says:

EB = Electric Boogaloo

kylee Tyler says:

I'll cry

Charles Dalton says:

Ezra is Rey's father????

JNeumy says:

That would be so awesome. And I think it would be hilarious to have Ezra and Lando meet up again in Episode 9 'cause you gotta remember that Ezra didn't like Lando much in Rebels, so if Ezra is making a cameo appearance, or something a little more significant, then hime and Lando might just meet up. And does this mean Thrawn's gonna be in Episode 9 too? Cause that would be really cool as well.

Garret Tously says:

Honestly I would be disappointed in Dave Filoni if he lets either JJ or Rian Johnson finish the story for any of his characters. Its simply for the best to just work with Zahn to finish their story in another animated series.

Harry Bomes says:

That’s not what irony is, Alanis…

G-Force says:

I don’t see it happening. Ep9 has to repair the mess from 8. Needs to stick with its own characters

orthodoxbagpiper says:


Cooper Boswell says:


Randall Baker says:

I'm still surprised nobody has put this together Ezra is Rey's father

mark broomfield says:

Could be Reys dad

rowski22 says:

I'd love to see ezra and see what his relationship to the force is like in rebellion era.

Maxthemadkid . says:

Even know the modern Star Wars was ruined for me after 8, I still love Star Wars and did actually enjoy Star Wars rebels, so seeing ezera would be a really good plot twist, cause Ryan decided fucking kill Luke

BucyKalman says:

Ezra will be retconned as Rey's father.

John farag says:

Pretty sure you don’t know what the word “ironic” means

Christian Kelley says:

Irony and coincidence the same thing are not.

Todd Robins says:

How would Luke not know of Ezra and vice versa?

soul akoben says:

Ezra is definitely DJ. Thrawn probably told him how the empire and rebels are one in the same and that the universe needs balance. They have plenty of time to talk on that ship. Why else would he say “Don’t Join”? DJ was clearly force sensitive seeing how fast his hands were moving. And DJ and Ezra have the same 2 scars on their cheek.

Anibal YouTube says:

is a good idea..

Darth Locke says:

Considering that either David Benioff & D. B. Weiss's trilogy or Rian Johnson's trilogy has been said to also be set for unknown regions of space, which Snoke and Thrawn are allegedly from (and Sidious was obsessed with in Aftermath), it makes sense that episode IX may leave some plot open to lead into one of those projects…

This might also be a way to recontexualize and/or bring in a series that is reminiscent to the Old Republic where we have a lot more crazy force users Waring on….

JacX1 says:

Ezra sucks though.

Yan Carlos says:

Matt Smith playing Ezra?

stephen leger says:

You took the greatest sci-fi story ever which is based around a father son skywalker arc and Disney took a giant shit right on it..force awakens was really bad, you tried forcing all the new characters down our throats with no development ,and with no ties to what starwars is about..total flop…then the last Jedi was the worst sequel every it was a total mess and flop.. there is no way to fix the last movie.it will be pure cold diarrhea shit…

Carlos De La Cadiz says:

I love Star Wars but episode 9 will just be the conclusion to a disjointed shit storm of a trilogy. The Last Jedi was awful!

Lee Pluthero says:

They won’t bring in such a complex character that for people who only watch the films won’t understand. Also there is so much ground to cover to get these same people up to speed. Nice thought but this is definitely not happening

Florian Kastner says:

Could Ezra be Reys father? 😲

Wario says:

I could see it being like red skulls surprise appearance in infinity war

mechanic says:

Good stuff ; )

Osuun aftmath says:

there were rumors benicio del toro was cast as an older ezra turned to the dark side in TLJ.
sadly, he was not.

Tiberio Pompeyo says:

I wonder if a 55-60 years old Ezra Bridger may be a bit less of an annoying brat than he was in Rebels.

The Doctor says:


Film Fillet says:

Interesting info – but, without being too picky, the information is 'coincidental' as opposed to 'ironic'.

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